Tip{py} Tuesday: DIY Diaper Changing Table


If you haven’t figured it out by now, my pretty thrifty; I’ll even say I’m cheap. I feel if there is a way to save I’ll try and do it; but extreme couponing- no. I also like to repurpose and make a challenge of it. I also like to save my furniture and decor. One thing I have learned from moving so many times is not all your furniture may for in this house but it can in the next. Also, not every bathroom you have will be completely pink (walls, tile, floor, toilet- you get the picture). So I have a few totes full of different color pillows, curtains and bathroom ensembles. I try to make all my furniture fit some how just in case I have an office in the next house I lack in this one. Which is how the office desk got turned into a diaper changer.

It really was quiet simple and totally reversible. I did think about painting it (which you can. There is a great spray primer out there that would cut time in half) but realized I hate pink (the color I would do) and I would just have to repaint it ever time we moved to match the next house. Way to much effort. So here’s how I did it-

4 cafe rods
Sewing machine or no sew tape

Took our old desk we had no room for in our new home. It was a $100 Sauder desk from Walmart with a hutch and a lower cabinet for the computer.

Next, I went to our local, and only, fabric store with height and width of the desk measurements from the floor to the top of the desk (not top of the hutch). Remember to measure the front and sides. I hit up the back room where they have bundles or fabric remnants and bought in bulk. I always want extra fabric to make coordinating projects. And buying from the remnant sections allow me to buy extra.

After I got home, I whipped up a couple of hems on my measured out fabric. I used the hem as the pocket to run the rods through. Once I got the fabric panels on the rods I told my curtain rods and nailed them to the front and sides on the desk top.


As a disclaimer please watch your children when they are being changed. There are little white straps on most diaper changing pads that allow you to screw them to the changer as a anchor. Additionally, you can cut a few pieces of scrap 2×4, paint it and attach it to the top of the desk to create a lip to keep the pad on and adds a little more security.


Up Cycle Pen Holder

pre upcycled pen holder upcycled pen holder


I will honestly admit I’m cheap. I hate throwing things away that could be up cycled into something new and useful. Here is one of my many easy tricks and projects. It is so easy, and it helps me stay organized. You can use these Crystal ‘light containers for storage for just about anything that will fit. I have them for pens, office supplies, crayons in my purse/diaper bag, holding lose change in my car and more. The possibilities are truly endless; I hate to sound so cliche.



Used Crystal Light powder pouch container

Any item you need to contain


If you have some more up cycled projects let us know and we can share them with the rest of our readers.