Mommy Moment Mondays: A Summer Abroad


Is it over yet? Is it time to pawn my children off at school and take more than a 3 minute power nap? If I fall asleep on the toilet one more time I might commit myself. Our summer break has been anything but; however, it is for all the best reasons- our family.

The most popular question we get asked is “do we miss Hawaii?” Our answer; no. Our course even that answer comes with some caveats. Who wouldn’t miss day after day of perfect 82 humidity free sunny weather? However, as I have said before- even paradise has it’s draw backs. The only and biggest drawback was of course not being close by family. Missing family is more than just missed birthdays, births, life and even death.

We made the point of this summer catching up with everyone we could. We didn’t even have time to visit with half our family and friends we haven’t see in the past FOUR YEARS, however, we did what we could.

Not only did we visit family and friends, we showed our children our old stomping grounds. They are too young to understand the significance of a location to us, but it made Hubs and I proud to be able to finally let them play in the parks we did, see our elementary school, and hometown highlights. Even if your children can’t talk, see, hear or understand an importance of a memory tied to a location; show them. They might surprise you and nevertheless, don’t deny yourself of those feelings and emotions.











Tip{py} Tuesday: With A Smile on my Face and a Song in my Heart- Trying to Remain Pleasant While Visiting Family


We have all been there before; thrusted into a situation with a family member who makes some comments about your children or family. Most common “well your cousins son does that and he’s fine”, “it’s just a phase”, and “they will out grow it”. I feel like I need to carry around my children’s medical diagnosis to shut some people up. When visiting family I constantly feel defensive about my kids diagnosises. I get tired, hurt and annoyed with the constant snide comments and family playing doctor with their own diagnosis.

So what do you do? You can argue and pull out the paperwork and explain in great detail how their constant farting nosies they make is “not a boy thing” it’s called a stem. You can educate people until you are blue in the face, but after six years I have learned to save face and my breath.

It’s hard. It’s more than hard; it is almost damn near impossible for me to keep my mouth shut. Not to mention you can read me like a book. I was very good in theater. I have a tendency to get very defensive about topics I know a lot about. So I have to press my lips together and bite the inside of my mouth to keep from being the next breaking news story.

My momma taught me that if I have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all. At my age I still heed that warning. Sometimes it’s better to just say nothing to the people you love. Take what they say with a grain of salt and all those other euphuism we have all acquired over time.

So next time your faced with a family member who just keeps digging at you, slap a smile on your face and put a song in your heart and remember that they are just family.

Therapy Thursday: Making Your Own Therapy Time


If you didn’t know, we are in the middle of a pcs (military acronym for moving to a new duty station). Due to the fact we have moved away from our last duty station and therapists and haven’t yet reached our final destination- we have had no therapy of any kind since the start of May. The lack of therapy is starting to show on our kids. The lack of routine and assistance has become an issue. A issue we can not fix until we reach our new duty station. However, no one likes to see their children regress and suffer. To help aid them we have started trying to incorporate their past therapy techniques as we can.

One tip of being on the move with your littles that are missing out on therapy is to talk with your child’s therapist before you move for helpful advice and things you can do on your own to help maintain the levels they have reached.

For example: We talked with Sb’s PT before we moved to see what fun things we can do on the move to help her progression with her coordination. She told us to go to the park and walk her up and down the stairs. She gave us further information on what exactly what to do. But the mere fact we can easily go to a park to do therapy while on vacation or during a move is awesome and more importantly; doable.

Not all therapy is so easily achieved. We don’t stress about what we can’t do and we make sure we do plenty of what we can. In the end everyone is happy. SB and the other spawn get to play and mommy and daddy feel like real parents (Compared to those alien ones that spike horns and carry a sickle when their children misbehave).

Tip{py} Tuesday: Traveling Tips with Preschoolers


Well it has started … our grand tour of hotel rooms, air mattress and visiting family our kids have never met. Their routines are getting changed hourly, their limited diets shrank and tantrums are a common hourly event. I’m not gonna lie, during lunch today I had to mojitos for lunch. It’s been a long day and it is only the first one without Hubs here to back me up. However, I didn’t come unprepared.

so I reach into my Barney bag and I find a lot of things! From gizmoos and gadgets to odds and ends and even some old string….

Yea, I just did that. If your real good I’ll even finish singing the Barney bag song from Barney. Is that show even still on? God I hope not. But it did inspire my Barney bag.

This time I even had Barney bags for each kid and myself made. Ultimately, after we are done being nomads the bags will be used as “going to grandmas house” bags. Here are a few things and tips I use to pack them:

Tip 1: Only pack what they can get out themselves. A new toy bag is no fun when you aren’t even allowed to get our toys out of them. So anything that goes into the bag is free for our kids to take out unsupervised.

Tip 2: Pack goodies they aren’t always allowed to have. I don’t buy my children play dough. Ever. It’s messy and stains and I just can’t stand picking up the millions of little crumb pieces. So instead, to not totally deprive my kids of childhood memories, I save play dough for travel. I don’t want to be totally rude but is rather the maid at the hotel or someone on the plane deal with it. Instead of the large pots, I purchase the small mini ones that are normally used for birthday party treats. This way each kid gets a few colors and it’s small enough to back in a carry on and doesn’t take up all the room.

Tip 3: Crayola Magic Wonder products. My kids are little artists. They love coloring but they also have ADHD and can’t concentrate for long. Then factor in grandparents who are used to having littles around all the time and the messes they can make it letting a kid color in a color book turns into a disaster. As soon as I found this product a few years back I have always wanted to kiss the persons feet who invented it. The paint and markers only color on paper. No color shows up any where else. It’s mmmmaaagggiiiccc- and so cool.

Tip 4: Pack a water bottle. My kids are always asking for water. There are times I can’t get it. Henco facto I always pack a non spillable water bottle so they can help their little selves.

Tip 5: Got electronics? We do. So I make sure to pack them in their little bags and back the chargers in mine. Can’t leave home without it.

Hope these tips help during your summer travels!