Therapy Thursday: Making Your Own Therapy Time


If you didn’t know, we are in the middle of a pcs (military acronym for moving to a new duty station). Due to the fact we have moved away from our last duty station and therapists and haven’t yet reached our final destination- we have had no therapy of any kind since the start of May. The lack of therapy is starting to show on our kids. The lack of routine and assistance has become an issue. A issue we can not fix until we reach our new duty station. However, no one likes to see their children regress and suffer. To help aid them we have started trying to incorporate their past therapy techniques as we can.

One tip of being on the move with your littles that are missing out on therapy is to talk with your child’s therapist before you move for helpful advice and things you can do on your own to help maintain the levels they have reached.

For example: We talked with Sb’s PT before we moved to see what fun things we can do on the move to help her progression with her coordination. She told us to go to the park and walk her up and down the stairs. She gave us further information on what exactly what to do. But the mere fact we can easily go to a park to do therapy while on vacation or during a move is awesome and more importantly; doable.

Not all therapy is so easily achieved. We don’t stress about what we can’t do and we make sure we do plenty of what we can. In the end everyone is happy. SB and the other spawn get to play and mommy and daddy feel like real parents (Compared to those alien ones that spike horns and carry a sickle when their children misbehave).


The Moment When…The Baby Washes Her Hair with Hand Soap…in Public


The moment when the baby used hand soap as shampoo…in public.

Yup. That happened. And trying to clean it up in public was a disaster. Especially because I was in a hurry to drop her off to get to a dentist appt ointment that I had already rescheduled twice.

I love my kids and talk often about how independent they are. And little SB is no different. But I also realized how horrible two in one body wash and shampoos are. Cause I know what happened was she assumed the hand soap was just like the wash at home.

I try to multitask with three kids. So I thought I loved the baby wash and shampoo in one combo. Until today.

I had a dentist appointment last week; just a normal teeth cleaning. But trying to come kidless is a joke. So I thought I had it under control when I was lucky enough to get SB in hourly care for my appointment at the last minute. I decided to double check my reservation for her early that morning only to discover they had no reservation. Of course they freaking don’t. Because that would mean I would actually get to take care of something for myself. But I assured them I was not waiting care to sit at home. I did have a valid reason. They were kind enough to get her in.

So about 30 minutes later I drop her off. Where now they tell me she is missing a signature on a piece of paperwork. But they have had this paperwork for two months- and just now tell me it’s wrong? Of course it has to be that day. So after they realize they do have the paperwork; I am running extremely late.

I rush SB into her room and ask her to wash her hands. She is pretty good at it. They have little baby sinks and I help her turn on the water and she goes at it while I’m unloading her bag. She stops and signals for soap. I put some in her hands and ask her to wash. And she does…her hair.

I guess I was shocked at first because it was a good 10 seconds before I stopped her. And her head was covered in amazingly soapy bubbles. I yelled “stopped” and of course scared her into tears. And then I have to figure out a way to get the soap out. Because adding water would just make it worse and there was so much I would need to give her a bath. So I did what any mom would do (please tell me you’d do this!), I took a paper towel and blotted her hair dry. Her hair was a little crunchy after, but nothing a bath that night wouldn’t fix.

Lesson for the story? Don’t use a 2-1 wash for kids. It will just confuse them later in life!

The Moment When…

The moment when you smell it. Ya moms all know that smell. The one that turns your nose up. Ya, that one. And some get that joyful experience when your kid does it in the same spot everytime.

SB picks my office. While working on the blog she squats down and bam! I smell it. Dang girl!!

So I smelt it and knew a diaper change was in order. But just to make sure; I check. And I instantly feel that warm sensation of “something” on my finger. Gag! No dry heaving. I contained it.

I tell her it’s time for a change and she is so amazing. She walks her cute self into her room. How can you be disgusted at a face like that?!

Hypogammaglobulinemia- Bless You. Do You Need A Kleenex?

Was that a sneeze? Or did you say something. If it was something was it even English? If it was English, what was it? Come again? Hypogammaglobinemiasupercalafragaliaticsosis…Um-diddle-diddle-um-diddleye. Um, yea, again? Hypogammaglobinemia. I couldn’t make that word up if I tried.

The first time I heard this word was on my birthday and I thought it was so sort of sick joke as the doctor kept repeating and spelling it over and over. She was telling me my son was diagnosed with hypogammaglobinemia. That was four years ago.

Hubs kept telling me nothing was wrong with Bug and I was just overreacting. But mommy instinct knew better. At 18 months old I knew most kids his age were running around, climbing on chairs and devouring everything including crumbs on the floor. Instead our sweet independent little boy was sitting on the couch lethargic, feverish and devoid of appetite and personality.

I started keeping notes. He had fevers 6 out of 7 days a week. They ranged from 99 to 103 degrees. I repeatedly kept taking him in to the doctor; week after week. He kept losing weight but was otherwise “ok” by medical standards. Every test was ran and nothing raised red flags. They kept telling me it was the common cold.

Finally, his doctor agreed something wasn’t normal. At her suggestion I was to bring Bug to the doctor every time his fever was over 100. Every time. So we spent the next few months at the doctors continuously. She documented every appt and all tests ran.

Then one day it happened. The day that would change our life as a family.

Monday morning Bug woke up with a 101 fever and cough. I called in as normal and was told the soonest opening was the next morning. No biggie. Tuesday morning dawns and his fever is down to 99 and his cough are gone. I almost cancel the appointment but decide to keep it so she could document it. We walk in, check in and wait to be called. By now the nurses are alert to what’s going on and usually just pull us into a small room, preform his vitals and quickly asses if there are any tests that need to be ran. If everything seems like a cold, they send us on our way. But today was different.

And tomorrow I’ll continue how we arrived at a diagnosis that changed our lives and saved his.

For The Early Riser In Your Life

We have a early riser. I mean, extremely, early riser. Hubs gets up for works at 530am and she is already up and in Bugs room playing. She is much like her father. Once she is up, she is up. Which is great for a girl. Later in life she will be able to get up, get going and get ready. But at three years old, it’s not helpful. It’s a hindrance. Why? Because Bug is much like me.

I like sleep. I love sleep. I like naps on rainy days, naps listening to baseball games on tv on a Sunday afternoon, naps during the week, naps on the weekend- you get the point. I also like to sleep in. But due to that pesky internal alarm clock, sleeping in ends at about 630. Then there is Bug.

Bug is like his mama. He likes sleep. He started sleeping through the night at a week old. I’m talking 7pm to 8am. And he is grumpy when he doesn’t get his beauty rest. Hubs knows never to actually wake us- or he sends in a kid to do the dirty work. Because the repercussions are bad.

So here is the situation- Diva wakes up at 530am, goes into Bugs room and plays. Most mornings she plays quietly a game of team party or house. All the while Bug is unaware and asleep. But too often I find them at 630 in a heated game of Candyland Diva had woken him up and they have been up for a hour. Which youd think they we ready to get the day started. But I tell them to get dressed and Bug goes back to bed!

I have talked with Diva several times, put up a gate in front of her door (but then she can’t use the restroom at night) and nothing works.

I saw this flash deal on a site I love and decided to pick this up and try it. It’s called a Kids’ Sleep. Made by Live, Love, Dream. It’s suppose to alert a child when it is ok to get out of bed and provide a night light as well. I should get it this week and after use ill write a review on how well it has worked. But thought I’d prepare you for what is to come. For me- I hope it’s sleep for us.