The Moment When…The Baby Washes Her Hair with Hand Soap…in Public


The moment when the baby used hand soap as shampoo…in public.

Yup. That happened. And trying to clean it up in public was a disaster. Especially because I was in a hurry to drop her off to get to a dentist appt ointment that I had already rescheduled twice.

I love my kids and talk often about how independent they are. And little SB is no different. But I also realized how horrible two in one body wash and shampoos are. Cause I know what happened was she assumed the hand soap was just like the wash at home.

I try to multitask with three kids. So I thought I loved the baby wash and shampoo in one combo. Until today.

I had a dentist appointment last week; just a normal teeth cleaning. But trying to come kidless is a joke. So I thought I had it under control when I was lucky enough to get SB in hourly care for my appointment at the last minute. I decided to double check my reservation for her early that morning only to discover they had no reservation. Of course they freaking don’t. Because that would mean I would actually get to take care of something for myself. But I assured them I was not waiting care to sit at home. I did have a valid reason. They were kind enough to get her in.

So about 30 minutes later I drop her off. Where now they tell me she is missing a signature on a piece of paperwork. But they have had this paperwork for two months- and just now tell me it’s wrong? Of course it has to be that day. So after they realize they do have the paperwork; I am running extremely late.

I rush SB into her room and ask her to wash her hands. She is pretty good at it. They have little baby sinks and I help her turn on the water and she goes at it while I’m unloading her bag. She stops and signals for soap. I put some in her hands and ask her to wash. And she does…her hair.

I guess I was shocked at first because it was a good 10 seconds before I stopped her. And her head was covered in amazingly soapy bubbles. I yelled “stopped” and of course scared her into tears. And then I have to figure out a way to get the soap out. Because adding water would just make it worse and there was so much I would need to give her a bath. So I did what any mom would do (please tell me you’d do this!), I took a paper towel and blotted her hair dry. Her hair was a little crunchy after, but nothing a bath that night wouldn’t fix.

Lesson for the story? Don’t use a 2-1 wash for kids. It will just confuse them later in life!


The Moment When…

The moment when you realize someone has opened the door while your taking a shower. The brisk morning A/C cooled air is now rushing into your bathroom you have blissfully been pumping steam into for the past 5 minutes. Trying to create your mommy spa. It went like this –

Hubs: can you turn down the heat?
Me: (sigh) yes. Just a second.
Hubs: turn down the heat!
Me: ok. Geeze calm down. Why is it so important that I can’t take a 5 minute shower?

I turn around to see a naked, and poop covered, little SB. Sigh. That needed no answer.

Followed by the moment when… you don’t want to leave the shower for fear of what you will find – and smell.

Happy Sunday!

PS. We took the spawn on a hike yesterday. Saw some amazing views.




The Moment When…

The moment when you realize your kid is not where you left him.

I was busy giving some medication to SB when after she took off and headed for the bathroom. She is a fish and will not stay out of our walk in shower. I run in there to grab here expecting Bug to still be showering and he wasn’t!

Mom freak out moment. He pops his head out of his room and proudly tells me he turned off the shower and got dressed. I am shocked and surprised and excited he is starting to do things out of order.

Then he tells me he is still wet because I didn’t hand him his towel. The towel rack is kid height (we live in a handicapped accessible house on post) and is a foot away from the shower. How can you not just reach over and grab it!!! Shm.
Baby steps.

The Moment When…

The moment when you realize it’s not just baby drool that landed on your arm. It’s copious amounts of baby poop.

SB was VERY hungry at the Mexican restaurant last night. She ate a serving of rice and a double portion of beans and a tomato. Which apparently made its return this morning in the form of nasty smelling poo.

Just imagine opening the nursery door and seeing a happy and smiling baby eager to see you and play. You lift her up and then pull her close giving her smooches and then you feel it; a wet sensation on your arm. You brush the feeling out of your mind. You’ve had three kids, a little drool is nothing to scoff at. And proceed to change and dress said happy smiling baby. And then the smell hits you. Like a smack in the face. Or in the case, a smack of poop hitting you ok the arm. As I looked down I saw the tomatoes… from last night. Insert loud high pitched girly screaming and you have my reaction.

And there you have it. My Friday morning. Seems these “The Moment When…” posts are becoming a regular thing. Hope you enjoy me sacrificing my perfect picture of mommydom to giving you all too realistic episodes of how real mommies live.