Tip{py} Tuesday – Clean that Purse Out


I recently decided to change up a few things in my life; my purse. I’ve never been a big shoe girl, but I love having a nice purse. Since I tend to use them for years before getting a new one, I rarely clean it out. 

My normal is becoming a little to big as my life needs have changed and evolved. Hubs refers to it as the land craft carrier. So I downsized to a more manageable size for a while. It’s amazing how now all a sudden my arm is falling asleep as I carry my bag. Maybe it was a little to big. 

So while switching from one purse to the other, I ran into a wide range of items I didn’t need. Including size 2 diapers (she is 24 pounds!) and a pacifier (SB never used one). 

So here’s a little tip- while switching purses clean then out! Throw away the stuff you no longer need. An even better idea? Change purses more frequently to help escalate the need to keep a clean purse. Also gives you a great reason to get a new purse 🙂

Making your own pearl


So the last year or so of my life has been crazy.  A husband deployed for 12 months, my youngest diagnosed with ASD ( autism spectrum disorder), my older son who was already diagnosed with ASD and his full load of therapy appointments, doctors, school, etc…Looking back on the last year, after taking a breath and counting my blessings I can only say…WHEW!  It has been overwhelming a lot of the times, okay, most of the time.  There has been a lot of tears and gritted teeth, both mine and my kids’.  There were a lot of moments that I didn’t think I could persevere for one more second.  But I did, we did, and we are a stronger family because of it.

I grew up having an awesome auntie (who when I was seven found out wasn’t even related to us, she was just one of those people in life who become like family).  She has such an amazing heart and attitude, and one of her things is that you always have to find the “pearl” in life’s tough situations.  When you think about how a pearl is formed in an oyster, it comes from sand, something the oyster doesn’t like and finds irritating.  From that negative thing the pearl is formed.  So when life puts things in your path that you don’t like, that are hard, you can choose to make your own pearl.

One of the pearls of having gone through this deployment has definitely been a friendship that I have been able to cultivate.  She was my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, the person who could bring me back to reality, and a constant source of support.  It was during one of our weekly meals/ rant sessions (much like the one where came up with the idea for this blog), that we came up with the idea for our Girls’ Day Out upon our husbands’ return from deployment.

We wanted to go to the mall.  By ourselves.  We wanted to eat wherever we wanted, not just where the most kid-friendly fare was served.  We wanted to go into stores where we didn’t have to worry about being able to navigate a stroller.  Where we could just relax.  Shop.  Oh and throw in a mani and a pedi please  🙂

Our husbands were on board right from the beginning and I am so thankful for that.  When our big day finally came, we met at a mall near our homes that has more dining and food options than you could ever need.  Both of our husbands dropped us off and we meet up outside of a Starbucks.  We kind of cautiously greeted each other and then realized we had several hours in front of us to do whatever we wanted!

We started with margaritas, bottomless tortilla soup, and salad.  We talked and laughed and enjoyed eating without hurrying.  We made appointments to get our nails done and went to check out some cool cosmetic and beauty stores.  The exact kind of store you would normally have to avoid if you were with your kids.  Awesome.  I got some awesome new make-up at Bare Minerals, and checked out some awesome new products at LUSH.  I will report back on the bath bombs that I bought there.  It was so fun to try different make up on, and smell yummy products that had nothing to do with anything except pampering myself.  We got awesome mani/ pedis (fun glitter accent nail included!) where we got to relax and feel pretty.  We got picked up by our husbands and went home.  All in all, it was exactly what I needed.  A perfect way to celebrate getting through the hard year together.  We did it and we made a pearl 🙂

*NOTE:  Now my husband’s account of the day was much different.  All I can say is that his version is called Dirty Water Pt. II, and will be making an appearance here soon!

If you haven’t yet, you can read The original Dirty Water story here!  Like many of the great parenting tales, it’s gross but funny!  Just click the link below, copy and paste the link, or meander back through our archives…


Nothing and Everything

This is not a post about a good family recipe, tip on how to do/make anything, a funny story about a kid or anything of the like. It is about nothing and everything all at the same time.

Several months ago this day was planned. The timeline changed every time we brought it up with all the things we wanted to accomplish in this 24 hours. However, all we cared about was one simple thing- ourselves.

As a parent you are made to become unselfish. Instead of stocking your closet with the latest fall fashions; it’s the newest shower head with 17 jets and removable to help with washing kids hair. You can’t remember the last time you had a check up; but your kids are always up to date on shots. The pantry is always stocked with goldfish and applesauce but do they even make Milano cookies anymore? I know from person experience, and can probably speak for several reading this, that your wants/needs are seldom filled. For me the joy has come down to new pillows for the couch. So when a opportunity to do something that would solely benefit me comes up; I feel guilty taking it. But I did; and ran like a thief with it.