Tip {py} Tuesday: Child-Proofing Christmas…And It’s Pretty!!!

I know that most people have their trees up and decorated by now, but this was too cool not to share.  Most parents probably remember decorating for Christmas for the first time after they have kids.  It’s like everything you take out to decorate has a flashing neon sign screaming, “DANGER!  So not baby-proof!”  The candles you used to use to warm up the living room?  Fire hazard.  The stockings hung by the chimney with care?  Baby could pull them down.  Tiny little ornaments you use in your advent calendar?  Choking hazard for sure.  But by far, the thing that freaked me out the most were those ghoulish ornament hooks.  My youngest puts everything in his mouth and the idea of him swallowing one of those suckers scares me to death.

ornaments close uo 1

That’s why when I saw these ribbon ornament hangers at Lowe’s, I had to share.  They were 50 for $2.00 so they were reasonably priced, but would also be easy to make your own if you have ribbon on hand, or you wanted it to be a certain color or theme.  One of the best parts?  You put the ornaments away with the hangers on!  No untangling a mess of ornament hooks next year, they can go right back on the tree.

The hanger is just a length of ribbon tied into a loop with a small double knot.  The loop is made from any length of ribbon, mine were about 5 inches, depending on how long you want them to hang or if you want to do a bow or a knot.

ornament  2

Once you have your ribbon loop tied to the desired length, simply thread it through the top of your ornament.

ornament 3

Then pull the knotted end back through the other end of the loop and pull tight.

ornament thread through 4

*If you want your know to be on top of the ornament instead, just pull the loop side through the knotted side.

ornament hanging 5

Once your loop is pulled tight you are ready to hang your ornament!  No more worrying about your child swallowing one of those hooks like a fish!  Happy, happy holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

ornaments tree 6


Tip{py} Tuesday – Craft Room Storage

photo-6Eventually I will be bringing you a round up of DIY fall crafts you can do with kids. I have mine slaving away right now working on some to make our home home fall festive. But until we are done and I have more coffee I decided to bring you some tips on organizing your craft room. Since I had to dig out some supplies for the fall projects we are working on; I decided to show you around my craft room and ways I try to pretend to be more organized.

The first thing I did when creating my craft room (or craft closet or craft desk; where ever you can carve out a little spot of yourself) was congering up some storage. I bought one of those $18 book cases at Walmart and was able to assemble it in a hour or so. But I hate run of the mill products and decided to use some fabric I bought in bulk, by mistake, to line the back of the shelf. You can’t tell much from the first photo, but the back of the shelf is a pink and white lattice pattern. I am sure there is a way to pull off the backing and line the back after assembly, but I suggest doing this step before hand. I had to add a little hot glue in places to help hold the backing to the shelf since the fabric was a little thicker than the length of the small puny nails supplied to attach the backing.  After assembly I filled her up.

The first shelf consists of all my ribbon. I bought a cheapo tension rod at Walmart and slid all the ribbon that could fit on it. Then stretched the rod to fit the lenght of the shelf. If I was smarter, I would have bought two tension rods and moved the shelf one peg hole lower in order to fit two rods on the top shelf.

The next shelf holds all my bulks of fabric. In order to have them all prettiely displayed, I cut up the free flat rate shipping boxes from the post office and wrapped my fabric around them. I have also seen people by comic book cardboard backings for the same usage. But I’m cheap and wanted instant gratification (Amazon would have taken to long).

photo-5My Third shelf houses my overflowing basket of fabric scraps. I do a lot of sewing and a lot of messing up! Instead of throwing out my unfinished crappy project, I rip the seams out and keep the scraps. I also have a random collection of lace doilies. They come in handy for projects to add a special handmade touch. You just don’t see them used much anymore and I love the vintage appeal they give.  This shelf also houses my Washi tape collection. Its puny I know, compared to some of my friends, but that stuff is not cheap! So I hoard it and use it only on special projects.  I was able to get the glass container for $6 at Walmart in the kitchen storage section.

photo-4On the bottom shelf is my sewing machine, books and random supplies, so random I have no idea what is even down there. I stole the curtain I made for another project and adapted it to fit here to hide the mess. What is funny is that the curtain isn’t even sewed with the machine. The hems and pocket for the tension rod are created with No-Sew. Sometimes I just don’t want to whip that big boy out for smaller easier projects.

I won’t show you the inside of my craft room, I will show you a few storage features I use. Most were formed from looking around my house and finding items I no longer used or wanted to change anyways. I told you; I’m cheap!

photo-3 I bought this from Ross and originally used it above my kitchen sink to hold my scrub brush, dish soap and other kitchen stuff. However, we moved into a new home where there was no room for it and it was just sitting in my storage closest. So…instant and free craft paint holder.

photo I often feel like a criminal, but I love collecting the free paint chip samples. They are so pretty and colorful and come in so hand for so many projects. I used them both on my moleskin calendar hack and my DIY butterfly mobile projects. I simply bought a little contain from Walmart and store them in color order.

photo-1 I love upcycling items and this is no different. I shared with you my storage solution earlier this year for all my random pens and markers. This container is what is left over from the Crystal Light packets.

photo-2 Lastly, is my Sharpie pen collection. After the mason jar craze, a bunch of parties I went to used them as sliverware holders, drink cups and more. I asked the hostess if I could have or buy them (for cheap!) after the party ended. However, you can buy them in bulk at Walmart for about $15 for 8.


I’d love to see what you all have come up with for storage solutions in your office or home. I’m always looking for new ways to make myself believe I am a organized person!

DIY Butterfly And Ribbon Crib Mobile- As Seen On Etsy and Pinterest


Since I like to make a lot of thing myself instead of having generic store bought items, I often find myself studying a item intently in order to break it down for construction.

While Hubs was away and I was preggers with SB, I had complete control of decorating the nursery. I never asked for his input since baby would be almost a year before he meet her (yes, you read that right!). So I spent many of pregnant induced sleepless nights stalking Pinterest for decorating ideas.

One of my favorites with this ribbon and butterfly mobile. It fit perfectly with the bedding I was reusing from Diva’s nursery. And since it was hand made and one of a kind, it was right up my alley to take on as my next project.



*Martha Stewart butterfly punch (these can be costly. So I waited for a coupon and got it half off. I also used it for other decor in her room)
*ribbon (different material, widths and color pallets)
*white floral wire (found at floral section at Walmart)
*fabric (I used pink felt)
*fishing line
*paint chips
*hot glue
*eye hook

The nursery was in browns and links so when choosing my supplies I chose in that color scheme.

To make it more stable I would suggest using a wooden hoop you use for cross stitch. However, due to where we live we only have one craft store that didn’t carry them. So I went to Walmart and found the white floral wire. It works but doesn’t hold it’s shape as well.

I made two circles out of the floral wire. One larger than the other. I then took 4 pieces of the floral wire and spaced them out evenly, hooking one end to the small circle and the other end to the large circle. So when you lift the small circle, the large one is connected (since I did this over a year ago; I didn’t for see to take photos). I then attached for more pieces of floral wire to the small circle. I gathered the other ends of the floral wire into a cone and taped them with white tape. I made a small loop on the end to hang them from.

After that I just cut pieces of my ribbon, material, lace and yarn at about 3 inches each. And just tied a simple knot around the white floral wire. I did no pattern and tied it all extremely random. I wanted all the different materials to show, so I just tried not to group them.

After that I got to punching out my butterflies from the paint chip cards. I can’t tell you how many I did. But maybe 30.

I made about 7 “chains” of butterflies tied on a piece of fishing line. Since paint chip cards come with 3-4 order different shades of colors, I made sure I didn’t tie two of the same shade close together. On 7 of the chains I tied 5-7 butterflies. On about 5 chains I tied 3-5. I wanted to vary the lengths of chains.

After I punch and tied all the butterflies, I then tied the 7 longer to the top smaller circle. And the 5 shorter chains I tied to the lathers bottom circle.

I then took my 3 inch wide ribbon I purchased and hot glued 4 pieces along the 4 floral wires at the top I attached to hang. This hides the floral wire. I then created a cute bow and hot glued it over the hook I made to hide that as well.

Lastly, I screwed in the eye hook into the ceiling and hung up the mobile using the hook I created with the floral wire. Good thing is I know when I need to lower the crib mattress bc I find pieces of butterflies on her floor. So just make sure you hang it high enough to where baby can’t reach. And it beats the $60 kit on etsy you can buy.

DIY Disney Autograph Book

Even though my kids have ASD does not mean they were going to miss out on some of the fun at Disney. And even though my kids have ASD there are also typical kids who have just a big of fear of characters as mine.

If you haven’t done any research on a trip to Disney with a ASD or special needs child, I suggest you do so before you go. I learned a lot of tips that helped make our vacation the best and also help me set my expectations. Of course at first day dream I expected every day to go like this- kids waking up, having breakfast with Mickey and the gang. Happy smiles on everyone. Just picture a Disney commercial. And then I started researching and reading blogs a s forums where people kept telling me to lower my expectations or no matter what I wasn’t going to have a good time. So I readjusted my expectations and started thinking on ways to help my kids have the best time despite their ASD.

One of those things was the autograph books. My kids love books and looking at them to recall memories. They have impeccable memories. Which is why social stories work great for my kids. I figured if they didn’t themselves get a autograph, I would and attach a photo of the character with it. And since I’m all for repurposing what I had and being cost efficient I used what I had a home.

Here is a list of items I used.
Cardstock (works best if using a sharpies for signatures to not bleed through)
Cereal or USPS free mailing boxes
Hole punch
1 inch circle die cut
Fabric and scrapbook paper
Modge podge

Assembling was pretty easy. I cut the cardboard to the size I wanted. Used the hole punch to punch hole in the cardboard and cardstock then used the d-rings to bind it.
Next I dove into decorating. I gathers fabric scraps from my bin, ribbon and scrap book paper. Messed around with a design for a few minutes and when I found something I liked I glued it down with modge podge.
So I thought of a way to alert characters to the kids ASD in case the kids had a meltdown or acted “out of character” when waiting in line for a autograph.

I found this image on google and on the bottom I listed our phone number if lost. It explains some of the things ASD kids do. My hope was if our kids were acting out in a line if a character saw this they would be understanding.

Lastly I worked on the character pages themselves. I looked online to find ideas and can up with my own using what I had. I previously had purchased a 1 inch circle die cut for another project and saw the cute ears shape that was used to form other Disney characters. LOVE IT! So I made my own. I made sure I had a spot for a photo and a autograph. I also included all the main characters I assumed we would find. Lastly I added in blank pages for all those random characters we saw.