Foodie Friday: Pizza Pleasing Everyone

The Superbowl commercials are not the only thing I look forward to on Superbowl Sunday; I love the food! My parents are amazing cooks and the food is one of the main reasons I love going over to their house (besides visiting!). However, now that we have moved away from home and started our own family, we also get to start our on traditions; including hosting parties with some amazing food.

One of the main staples I try to provide party wise, are foods that I know my children will eat. Who wants to be forced to go to a party only to not have food there you can eat or like? I sure don’t and I know my kids wouldn’t appreciate a party in their own home without some of their favorites to munch on.  My guess, like in our home, your home has a conglomerate of family members with different taste pallets. We have the “cheese only” person, the “pepperoni only” person, the “everything” person and the “anything” person. It gets very complicated around dinner time when trying to place a pizza order and forget getting a frozen pizza, we would need about 4 to please everyone. Then one fine day, Hubs had an idea. It was a brilliant idea; and idea that please everyone. We only buy cheese pizzas at the store. GASP! I did not like this idea at first. I am the “everything” person, so cheese only was a sin. However, he explained and it was one of those “duhh” moments. I’m sure you have now realized what his brilliant idea was. If you haven’t yet, don’t sweat it; it took me a few minutes to catch on.

His brilliant idea? Buy cheese pizzas then add toppings. <smacks forehead>. Seriously? Its that simple? Yes…yes it is.


We always have pepperoni on hand (Bug’s favorite sandwich for school lunch) and since I love my dirty martinis, we tend to have a jar of Kalamata olives missing some juice in the fridge as well. So this Superbowl Sunday save yourself some stress and buy a few cheese pizzas from the freezer section and some toppings. You can even set up a pizza bar and let every one make their own half of a pizza.

Wordy Wednesday: Sensory Overload


Ahh, screaming kids, kids on table tops, kids under tabletops, kids covering their ears, covering their eyes and parents doing the “shoot me” sign to each other. That is us- when our kids are on sensory overload.

For our ASD kids, the senses at times can work against them. Their little bodies can only process information brought in from their 5 senses slowly as it takes them longer to understand and adapt to them. When there is too much stimulation (especially of all the senses at once) manic mayhem can occur. Typically for our kids it’s at the bowling alley, crowded restaurants, and completely new environments (like a vacation).

I will give you an example-
While Hubs was deployed I took the kids out to lunch after church. My first mistake was taking them alone, the second was to this particular restaurant. Where we are currently stationed food choices are limited. So we typically go to the same locations over and over. This happened to be only the second time we had eaten at this Chuck E Cheeseesk type establishment (anyone else remember Showbiz pizza?!). Luckily for us the games and bright shines games with flashing lights and loud noises are in a separate room from the dinning room. The mistake is the fact the restroom is across from this bright shiny and loud room.

So here I am with a 5, 3, and a newborn, alone, stressed from a deployment, trying to be a good Christian woman (as we just left church) and my son, having ASD, has run into the restroom and barricaded himself in there. I can hear him screaming as loud as he can, crying at the same time and see his little butt sitting on the floor under the door crack and then a mom with a little girl walks up. Bug has barricaded himself in the women’s restroom. Ugh. Then he starts banging his head. Even over the sounds of the race car game and wack a mole, you can still hear him. It takes two male employees to push the door open far enough I can slip in.

The look on my sons face was sure panic. He looked like he was lost in his own mental maze. And he was. There were too many bright lights his eyes say, to many noises he didn’t understand that his ears heard, new pizza he tasted and new smells he didn’t understand. He was on sensory overload.

The remedy? For us it was cheap $13 noise canceling headphones off amazon. It helps and if we can keep them occupied and focused it keeps them calmer. Also, finding a small quiet spot to calm down; everyone. I scooped Bug up and sat him in my lap in a bathroom stall. The close space made him feel safer and hid my grief for him. I felt so bad his little self couldn’t handle something so fun for most kids. Since then, we have been back several times. It is normally just a once or twice occurrence to a new environment.


pizza cake

Here is fun twist for a  birthday cake or a just fun dessert for family night!


-Box yellow cake mix (wet ingredients per package directions)

-red icing (I bought the red cookie icing that comes in a tube)

-shredded coconut

-red fruit roll-ups

-small circle to trace pepperoni shape onto fruit roll-ups (I actually used an upside-down shot glass!)

Bake the cake according to package directions.  I used 9″ round pans because they were perfect pizza size (most mixes will give you two 9″ cakes).  Once cake is completely cooled, trim the top off to make flat surface.  Smooth on red icing with a spatula leaving some “crust” uncovered all the way around the cake so it looks like pizza sauce.  Sprinkle on the shredded coconut for “cheese.”  Add toppings to finish off your pizza pie, we love pepperoni so we cut some circles out of red fruit roll-ups using an upside-down shot glass.  Your kids will flip when you serve them “pizza” for dessert!  Enjoy!

The Moment When…


The moment when you kid asks for school lunch because they are serving Dominos Pizza for lunch. I mean seriously, what kid wants a pb and j sandwich over pizza? My kid apparently. He associates Dominos with sickness.

Poor guy; last time he ate it he ended up with the flu. So hence forward he thinks every time he eats it, he will get sick.

We basically forced him to eat it today. I refused to pack him a home lunch and the cafeteria was told not to provide his class with food. I was told he ate a slice. Go Bug! Some people might see this as mean. But if we don’t I only foresee him restricting his food choices more and more. I love my kid. I just don’t like how he is afraid of food.