Foodie Friday: Local Grinds- Matsomotos Shaved Ice


Hot day after a 6 miles hike with three small children. We used bribery to make sure we didn’t eat our young. And honestly I was jonesin for a sugar carb loaded ice cold dreamcicle. So after a 30 minute wait outside Matsumoto’s standing on a busy street; I could finally feel the ice cream and ice concoction running down my throat. It was amazing and well worth the wait, the crazy cars that were whizzing past us trying to dodge the tourist and our kids.

For me, I enjoyed a small with vanilla and strawberry with condensed milk on top and ice cream on the bottom. You must, I REPEAT must, spend the $.30 extra cents for holder. You and your clothes will thank me for that tip.

So when on island, do as the locals do; visit Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice up on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.


Tip{py} Tuesday…Un-childproofing lunch


Okay, so I have written before about packing lunch for my kiddo on the autism spectrum who has just started kindergarten.  He is my first child to go to school, so I am definitely having a little trouble “letting go.”  I worry about stuff all day, some warranted, some probably a little crazy.  One thing that I was worried about is him having lunch and not being able to open stuff like granola bars and fruit snacks.  Sometimes those packages are so tough, I can hardly open them J

granola bar in wrapperfruit snack wrapper

So we have been working on him opening Ziploc bags and he has pretty much mastered it.  So, I have been opening the snacks that I think he will have a hard time opening and putting them in Ziploc bags for him.  That way I don’t have to worry about him just sitting there and having trouble with no one to help him.  So far so good, I haven’t gotten any troubling reports from the lunchroom.

granola bar in bagfruit snack in bag

I just figured if there was a small way to help his day go more smoothly when he is already working so hard and going through so many changes, I may as well.  🙂

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do On Sundays?

Out of the Bags

Not gonna lie. I love going to Costco after church. Who can hate free samples big enough to feed you kids who eat as much as a mouse. From samples of toast, chips, hummus, cereal and finally juice. It can be a well balanced meal. And with two ASD kids and the quirks, I love that it doesn’t cost us a thing when they refuse to eat the blue chips in the batch. But if their smorgasbord of samples isn’t satisfying enough the delicious deli hot dogs are AWESOME! Simply irresistible {and start singing Simply Irresistible…here!}!

Playing Tourist

We have lived a few years on the island and that time is coming close to a end. When we return home during the holidays everyone is always excited to hear what we do and all the amazing things we get to see and experience. However, I embarrassingly have to tell them we only have gotten as far as the beach. And it’s always the same beach.

With a expiration date soon expiring I refuse to return home with out experiencing all this place has to offer. But we realized soon after hiking Makapuu Point that having three kids accompanying us limits our adventures.

So we decided the next chance we got with a sitter we were going to try and cram in all we can kidless. Luckily we had a awesome reason to get a sitter last weekend.

So to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary we decided to play tourist. I was dying to take some photographs with our newer camera to help us remember our time here.

We started our adventure with a trip to Diamond Head. The hike took us about 1.5 hours with stopping for photographs and people. Here are a few suggestions to help you on your hike.

1.Let me suggest do not bring the elderly who are frail or need canes. We saw to many people having medical issues. It’s a hike people! Up a inactive exploded volcano! Please use your judgment.

2.Also, it is two ways. People are going up and people are coming down on the same path at the same time. Please don’t walk down the middle. If you do and I run into you; you might be pushed over the rails. Just be considerate.

3.If you stop to take photographs it might be a bright idea to look behind you and make sure you won’t get run over by hikers and step to the side. Sorry to the on looker I did that too. But in all honesty there was no way I could stop.

4.Children. Children. Children. I don’t even know what to say or where to begin. But unless they do a lot of bike riding, running or walks I don’t suggest taking them. It is a long walk, up a long hill. I saw so many hot and tired mamas lugging up 30/40 pound kids who were hot, sweaty and screaming. At one time we thought about taking our three spawn. Bug would walk, and Hubs and I would each “wear” a girl. Good thing it was only a thought. There would have been no way on Gods green Earth we would have made it up. As Hubs put it “we would have eaten them”.

5.Be smart. Bring water and wear sunscreen.

6.Arrive at parking before 9am for the $5 lot inside the volcano base. Otherwise you will park at outside at the bottom and have to walk up, in and then up again to the top. It’s a $1 fee per walk-in person.

7. We’re tennis shoes!!!! At least tennis shoes. You can be all fancy and wear hiking boots, but if they don’t fit in your suitcase don’t swear it. But don’t think you’ll look all cute in flip flops. Within 5 minutes you’ll have a rock through the sole.

8.Bring a camera, any camera. I took our Sony NEX-7 with a 18-50mm and a 50-210mm lens. I used the smaller one for the way up and my larger one at the top.

9.Stop and take in the views. They are magnificent! And the added bonus of the military history tied to it was a great addition.


Next, we visited Eternity beach. I had wanted to go here since we did a road trip around the island when we first got here. Then I learned about its acting job in From Here To Eternity.

As you can see; it’s breathtaking. You have to park at the scenic outlook for the Blow Hole. Follow the stone wall to the opposite side of the Blow Hole and out to the street. There is a metal barricade that protects you from distracted crazy tourist drivers from hitting you. But follow that to the left and climb on down! Yup, that’s right, you have to climb down sandy rocks to the bottom. But once you are there, you won’t regret it.

For lunch we enjoyed appetizers at Koa Brewing Company in Hawaii Kai and even got to eat outside over looking the marina. They have a plethora of beer options and even a beer sampler platter.


Can’t wait for our next adventures kidless!

The Moment When…

The moment when your ASD child refused to eat fruit cocktail because she didn’t like it “mixed”. Diva LOVES fruit. All my children do. I may not be able to get them to eat veggies, but with fruit there is no argument. However, today there was. I didn’t realize what a issue serving her fruit cocktail would create to a child who likes to color code the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.


She refused to eat lunch and threw a 45 minute tantrum to let me know so. She got down and after about 10 minutes told me how hungry she was and asked for fruit snacks. I offered her grapes. She refused, stomped her feet, huffed and puffed and walked away.

So here in lies my problem. I am asking for some suggestions on how to handle this. Do I feed them or do I let them go hungry for “lesson’s” sake?

First some background- My children have some massive food issues (beside SB). They only eat about 5 specific foods per kid. It has to be the same, shape, brand, smell, look and taste or they refuse to eat. I have been battling getting my kids to eat new foods since they turn about one. So we instituted a rule long ago that once you leave the table you are done. They have a tendency to not eat their dinner (especially if we are trying a new food), tell us they are full, walk away and about 10 minutes later are screaming they are hungry. I am sure even “normal” children do this. My theory is they do this for one reason- they think if they might have a chance to get something they actually want to eat. Oh, like candy. That is the first thing my two ask for after walking away. And they are crazy for doing so. Why would I reward you with candy when you just threw a fit because I asked you to try round waffles instead of square ones (yes they are that annal)?

So my question to you- knowing what you know now, would you feed your child another meal after they refused to eat the one that was already prepared. As of right now my protocol is this- I offer them a non-preferred food (go ABA training!). But at times I feel I should not even be doing this.

I have always been against cooking multiple meals for multiple family members. I have envisioned, since I was a small child, having our family sitting around a large old wooden table. Food would be displayed in cute bowls with steam spilling off. The room would be filled with giggles and laughter from sharing our stories of what we did that day.

Instead reality goes like this: Three screaming children. SB has devoured everything I put on her tray. Trying to prepare two separate meals for Diva and Bug, I don’t have time to stop and peel a third orange for her. The kitchen smells like burnt chicken because while waiting for Bugs waffle in the toaster I forgot to stop the timer on the microwave that was cooking Diva’s nuggets. I place two peas on each plate and hope they don’t see them, but at the same time I hope they by some accident try the peas and like them.

We haven’t eaten a “family” meal (all sitting own at one time) in over a year. I am normally cleaning or trying to straighten up the house, while Hubs is feeding SB and the other two are whining and complaining about the two peas we want them to try. This battle of control over food has been waging in our home for years now. Some people tell me this is a battle over control and not food.

Children can control only a few things in their tiny lives, from what comes out of their body to what goes in. Which is why potty training can be such a big ordeal. We cant force a child to go potty; just like we cant force them to eat. It is they only thing they know they have control over. Im just trying to do my best. My thought is eventually they will try those two peas and might like them. Furthermore, expanding their variety of foods they eat, which might lead them to realize new foods are not always scary. One day I pray Bug will eat a square waffle; and like it.