TriCare/ Therapy Thursday…what to do with unstructured time?

So as I’ve shared on oh-so-many posts, my kiddos have a ton of weekly appointments on top of their school day. Most nights we aren’t “off the clock” until well after 5:00 or even 6:00 pm.

However, summer is soon to be upon us, which will mean a lot less structured time. I saw this and thought it was a super cute way to involve kids in coming up with positive ways to keep themselves entertained and active. I always say, ” I’m not a cruise ship activities director!” :). Here’s to having a happy, positive and fun summer in between all of our appointments 🙂



Wordy Wednesday…Play-doh!

Okay, I know that usually we use Wordy Wednesday as a place to define the endless sea of acronyms and terms one can come across in the military and special education.  But, honestly, my brain’s fried…With all the crazy weather we’ve been having,


and it’s been C…O…L…D, we are going on day three of school cancellations and I’ve been trying so hard to keep my kiddos entertained and alive.  🙂  Every therapist we’ve ever used has always recommended Play-doh as a therapy tool (great for fine motor development) or even as a reinforcer (“Let’s do this puzzle first, then you can play with the play-doh”).  I thought maybe some homemade play-doh would be a great way to pass the time today.  I found a blog here where she does an awesome job of detailing a great recipe and the steps so that it comes out well.


We decided to make our blue, and when it was cooling I was a little concerned because it looked like it was cracking in some places.  Turns out when it was all cooled it was a great, malleable consistency.  Not to mention non-toxic which is awesome.  It wasn’t too messy although my three year-old did get it to crumble a bit (I swear, that kid could crumble water), and it cleaned up easily with a damp paper towel and a broom for the floor.

Overall, this kept my kiddos entertained for over an hour.  Unbelievable, right?  I split the batch made from one recipe between the two of them and it gave them plenty to play with.  We just put it into one of those throw-away Glad containers for the next time when we were all done.  I whole-heartedly recommend giving it a try, so happy the kids and I were able to spend our morning doing something together.  Happily.  🙂