The Financial Costs Of Autism

I find our life situation to be blessing. Due to Hubs line of work, the insurance it provides covers all of our children’s therapists and doctors fees. We live in a area where the therapists either come to our home or have access to our children at school. However, I know when we move from here there are areas where the services won’t meet me at our door steps and that scares me. But after reading the following article I realize I should be thankful that we are not asked to pay any sizable amount out of pocket.

Following is a article published by Parade magazine about a family’s financial cost of having a child with Autism.

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How One Family Struggles with the Financial Costs of Autism

Young Adults With Autism Can Thrive In High-Tech Jobs


As read in NPR. I have always heard that ASD children typically thrive in a certain area of expertise. Either they are amazing at remembering baseball facts, information about the planets, or can memorize every dog breed; I have tried to find something my children excel at. Not only for them to gain knowledge, but to gain a sense of worth. I want them to know they are good at something. Don’t we want that for our kids regardless of if they have special needs or not? I know personally that I wish I was great or amazing at one thing. Something that made me feel comfortable around. Instead I still feel like I’m searching for what I want to be and do when I grow up. So I was excited to read this article regarding a area where ASD children seem to thrive.