Tip{py} Tuesday…DIY cupboard organization

I have never had a house where I’ve had too many kitchen cupboards.  I’ve had kitchens of all different layouts and sizes, but it seems I could always use more cupboard space.  I love buying pretty platters and serving bowls but finding a way to store all of them can be hard.  Another problem I always have is what to put in those little cupboards over the microwave.  I’m short so I can’t stack stuff too tall and I definitely can’t reach the stuff in the back unless I haul over one of my kitchen chairs.  When I moved into my current house this past fall, I was able to solve these two dilemmas with the same solution.  I had the aforementioned small cupboards to fill, nowhere to put my cake platter, or this collection of cute little parfait, fruit salad type bowls.




Then I got an idea.  What if I put the cake platter in first, then put the little bowls on top?


I could use the platter as kind of a lazy susan, and turn it to reach the bowls that I wanted.  Plus, it freed up the bottom of the cabinet for more storage.


Problem solved.  Happy lady who doesn’t have to give up any of her pretty dishes because she doesn’t have anywhere to put them.  🙂 What are your best secrets for kitchen storage?  Have a good one!




Tip{py} Tuesday…Menu planning

So a while back I shared a cool idea I learned from a friend where you take a picture frame and make it into a chalkboard by painting the glass on one side with chalkboard paint. Then you can paint the frame however you want to match your decor. I’ve used the frame for lots of different things in my kitchen. Displaying holiday greetings, Bible verses, etc…

Lately I’ve been using the chalkboard to display our menu for the week. This helps be stay focused during my grocery shopping, and makes the nights we finish therapy up late so much easier.

Here’s the board from last week:

My hubby added the jellybeans to Friday’s menu 🙂
I’ve got it out on display but not in the way of my cooking.


I’ve seen other people use whiteboards for meal planning, computer spreadsheets, and customized bulletin boards. How do you stay on top of it all in the kitchen? Have a great day!

Tip{py} Tuesday…Stubborn Whiteboards!

We are still unpacking from our last move and I am in the process of getting our office settled. A few days ago I unpacked our whiteboard and realized I had forgotten to erase it before packing it. As a result, whatever had been written on it was now stuck like a tattoo.

I tried everything. Erasing it, windex, good old elbow grease, nothing worked. Then I came across this cool tip. Just color on top of the old writing with any color erase marker so that it is completely covered.

Then, simply erase your new marks and the old ones will come off with them!


How awesome is that?!?! Have a great day!

Dish Duty



Okay, personal confession time.  Drum roll………  I do way too much for my kids.  It’s ironic because by profession, I am a teacher.  Come into my classroom and you would find that students were expected to be personally responsible for their belongings, tidy up after themselves, and pitch  in to keep the classroom running smoothly.  Alas, in my home as a parent I do not always practice this same set-up.  I tend to do things for my kids because it’s easier and faster.  Patience is not my strong suit.  

So, one day I was telling a friend of mine how much I hate putting away dishes, and how I always feel like I’m searching for sippy cups.  She asked me why I didn’t have my kids do it.  I responded with, “that cupboard is way too high for them.”  She was very sweet and showed me her own kids’ dish cupboard.  It was in a bottom cabinet, totally within their reach.  They had a basket for plates, bowls, cups, etc…  Each basket was labelled and they could totally handle putting their own stuff away.  Not only that, when they want a snack/ drink, they can get their own dish to put it in!

My wheels started turning and I came up with my own version, pictured above.  There is a spot for plates, bowls, cups, and a plastic tumbler for kids’ silverware.  It is not always a tidy cupboard, what with all the little hands in and out of it.  But, MY KIDS ARE HELPING AROUND THE HOUSE! It’s awesome!  The labels are done with words and pictures since my kids aren’t reading yet.  I drew them, but clip art would work great too.  Now that I have a handy-dandy dish cupboard for the kiddos, now I just have to consistently make them use it…I’ll keep you posted 🙂