Tip{py} Tuesday


Bug is a child of the digital age. He will never know how to dial a rotary phone, he won’t know what a dial tone sounds like and he will never have to rewind a VHS tape. The kid is glued to the tv when ever it is on. He will even watch infomercials. So any chance I can find a fun activity for him to do; I abuse it.

I loved playing cards and board games as a kid. I would play a single game of Monopoly that would last all summer. I am so excited for my kids to get to the age when they can play those older challenging games.

So I decided to start teaching him the basics. And since we are working hard on academics to prepare him for school I was happy with myself when I realized I was helping him learn his numbers too. Not only was he learning his numbers, he was working on his math too. We have taught Bug touch math and this is a great way to keep helping him.

Dual dinosaur-themed birthday extravaganza


My two boys have a birthday coming up, and I am starting to plan the party.  They were both born on May 5, but are not twins…I know, crazy right?  Our boys were born on the same day, two years apart…Couldn’t have done it on purpose if we tried 🙂

Thankfully, they are both boys and like the same things, so sharing one party has never been a problem.  This year we are going with a dinosaur theme because that is our boys’ favorite thing since sliced bread.  You can’t walk two feet in our house without stepping on some type of dinosaur toy, however painful their little spikes and tails may be.

As I was beginning to work on party ideas, I came across the following website, and it was just too cool not to share.  It’s got party ideas by theme, age, game ideas, and various scavenger hunts with lists included.  It’s even got a ton of ideas for every day use, like games to play with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Bottom line, it’s awesome.  Definitely worth a look even if you aren’t planning a party and just want fun ideas for things to do with your kiddos.  I’ll keep you posted on our birthday extravaganza!  Enjoy!

Birthday Party Ideas | Kids Party Ideas Games Themes.