pizza cake

Here is fun twist for a  birthday cake or a just fun dessert for family night!


-Box yellow cake mix (wet ingredients per package directions)

-red icing (I bought the red cookie icing that comes in a tube)

-shredded coconut

-red fruit roll-ups

-small circle to trace pepperoni shape onto fruit roll-ups (I actually used an upside-down shot glass!)

Bake the cake according to package directions.  I used 9″ round pans because they were perfect pizza size (most mixes will give you two 9″ cakes).  Once cake is completely cooled, trim the top off to make flat surface.  Smooth on red icing with a spatula leaving some “crust” uncovered all the way around the cake so it looks like pizza sauce.  Sprinkle on the shredded coconut for “cheese.”  Add toppings to finish off your pizza pie, we love pepperoni so we cut some circles out of red fruit roll-ups using an upside-down shot glass.  Your kids will flip when you serve them “pizza” for dessert!  Enjoy!


Dual dinosaur-themed birthday extravaganza


My two boys have a birthday coming up, and I am starting to plan the party.  They were both born on May 5, but are not twins…I know, crazy right?  Our boys were born on the same day, two years apart…Couldn’t have done it on purpose if we tried 🙂

Thankfully, they are both boys and like the same things, so sharing one party has never been a problem.  This year we are going with a dinosaur theme because that is our boys’ favorite thing since sliced bread.  You can’t walk two feet in our house without stepping on some type of dinosaur toy, however painful their little spikes and tails may be.

As I was beginning to work on party ideas, I came across the following website, and it was just too cool not to share.  It’s got party ideas by theme, age, game ideas, and various scavenger hunts with lists included.  It’s even got a ton of ideas for every day use, like games to play with bubbles and sidewalk chalk.  Bottom line, it’s awesome.  Definitely worth a look even if you aren’t planning a party and just want fun ideas for things to do with your kiddos.  I’ll keep you posted on our birthday extravaganza!  Enjoy!

Birthday Party Ideas | Kids Party Ideas Games Themes.