Tip{py} Tuesday…DIY cupboard organization

I have never had a house where I’ve had too many kitchen cupboards.  I’ve had kitchens of all different layouts and sizes, but it seems I could always use more cupboard space.  I love buying pretty platters and serving bowls but finding a way to store all of them can be hard.  Another problem I always have is what to put in those little cupboards over the microwave.  I’m short so I can’t stack stuff too tall and I definitely can’t reach the stuff in the back unless I haul over one of my kitchen chairs.  When I moved into my current house this past fall, I was able to solve these two dilemmas with the same solution.  I had the aforementioned small cupboards to fill, nowhere to put my cake platter, or this collection of cute little parfait, fruit salad type bowls.




Then I got an idea.  What if I put the cake platter in first, then put the little bowls on top?


I could use the platter as kind of a lazy susan, and turn it to reach the bowls that I wanted.  Plus, it freed up the bottom of the cabinet for more storage.


Problem solved.  Happy lady who doesn’t have to give up any of her pretty dishes because she doesn’t have anywhere to put them.  🙂 What are your best secrets for kitchen storage?  Have a good one!




Foodie Friday…A good recipe, but don’t eat it!!!!!

So today’s foodie friday recipe is a little different…It is a recipe, but it’s not for eating 🙂  Today was a crazy week filled with end-of-the-school-year picnics, art nights, field days, etc…In my house this week, to be honest, I was not doing a ton of cooking.  But, I did come across this awesome recipe for homemade window cleaner.  I ran out of windex while doing a quick once-over before friends came over.

My windows were decorated with touches like milk drips and lots o’ smudges:


window smudge

I panicked the did a quick google search and came back with this recipe.

windex recipe

Here is the recipe in case you can’t read my chicken scratch 🙂

Homemade Windex:

2 c. water

1/4 c. white distilled vinegar

1/2 t. dish soap

I just mixed the ingredients into an empty spray bottle and shook it a little bit.  That’s it,  Here are my windows after:

clean close up

clean far away

Woo-hoo success!  Now time for some coffee-girl-time-chat-catch-up.  With a view 🙂

Have an awesome weekend!


Tip{py Tuesday…Upholstered Headboard…Check!

I have lots of ideas.  Ideas, ideas, ideas, spinning around my little head constantly.  Which means I am a very good project-starter, and not always such a good project-finisher.  Today, I am proud to say I have finally finished a project that has been hanging over me since long before we moved to this house (ahem, that would make it about, hmmm, 7 months ago?).  The upholstered headboard project.  Had a great idea to make one, bought the fabric and supplies, even went to Lowe’s and had the particle board cut to size.  Then, there it all sat. And sat, and sat.  Finally, a few weekends ago my dear hubby said very sweetly, “It’s time to wrap this thing up.”  I think he was sick of stepping over many, many, yards of upholstery foam in our closet every time he was trying to get dressed.  So, we did it!  I was going to show you all of the steps but instead I think I will share the tutorial that I used.  She does a great job of explaining and showing what to do.  Her blog at www.centsationalgirl.com is one of my faves for sure.  Here’s the link if you would like to check it out.  And here is my finished result:


And here with the bed made up all pretty:



So, happy with how it turned out 🙂  Is it perfect?  Nope.  But I love the fabric, colors, and the fact that hubby and I made it together.  I couldn’t have done it without all his help.  

What are some projects on your “to-do” list?  Please, do share!  Have a good one!

Wordy Wednesday: Social Stories


New experiences are scary. I get so nervous and frightened when I have to drive somewhere I have never been and approach someone I have never talked to. Yes, me who loves to talk, gets nauseatingly nervous to talk to new people. Knowing how I feel, I can’t begin to imagine and feel the anxiety and fear that builds up in my own children when they are experiencing something new. This similar thing happens a lot to our children. Luckily, there is a answer and a solution to help make new experiences a positive one. All we have to do is take away to fear of the unknown.

In comes the social story. It is just as it sounds; a story. What is great and impressive of this little aid is it can become completely customizable and a fun DIY project.

So what exactly is it? It is much along the lines of the Bearinstein Bears books. Each story can have your child as the character or another person. You write the story explaining all the steps (in simple detail) of all the events that will happen before, during and after the new experience.

There a multiple ways of creating one. Here are just a few:

1. Snapfish, Blurb, or any photo publishing site that allows book printing.

2. Purchase a cheap small 4×6 photo book and you but the author, artist and publisher.

3. Find clip art or other images online, copy and paste them into a word processing program and add text. Next print and I suggest additionally to laminate them. You can bind them with punching a hike in the corner and clamping with a binder ring.

4. Use a app or computer program, such as a Windows template for creating social stories.

Our ABA introduced them to use years ago to help with experiences from toilet training, air plane rides, new siblings and more. Since then, I have been using the above methods to create my own.




Tip{py} Tuesday- Visual Cues


We all need reminders. However, I have my limit at repeating myself 4 different times per person in this family. It gets old fast and I get annoyed even faster, especially with the 4 I have. I have also come to the conclusion that was a maid in a former life. I picture myself as one of the ones in Downton Abbey. Milling around a grand mansion striking soot off Persian rugs and helping the Lady pick just the right piece of flare for tonight’s dinner with the Earl. And then reality sets in and I am scrubbing pee off the toilets, using my nails as a abrasive edge to peel who-knows-what off the dinning room table, and the only piece of flare I get to wear is the splash of blueberry smoothie on my shirt…that I wore yesterday. I have hit that threshold of “no one appreciates me” yesterday when I said goodbye to a dozen small deadly little bits and pieces I sucked up with the vacuum. So today, I am doing something about it.


Hubs and I have been battling in the past weeks on the next step with parenting. Our children are getting older, more responsible and understanding of the world around them and what we expect of them. It’s not cute anymore when they leave legos in the floor to be stepped on or when the sticker book threw up all over Diva’s room one afternoon. Actions will now equal consequences. We also decided it was about time the children start pulling their weight around here. Why else do you have kids? JK. However, the main battle we are having is should it be a paid system of chores or a list of household responsibilities?

I never got paid as a child for chores. I did what I was told with childhood resentment. However, it lead to adulthood gratification. I know how to clean a toilet, how to do the laundry and how to load a dishwasher with out looking for someone to hand me a quarter to do it. I was raised that it would your duty and responsibility to your home and your family to do your work.

This this is how it is gonna work. Everyone needs reminders. And from this point further I am going to stop verbally reminding everyone to do what they are suppose too (with the exception of SB). Yes, the rest of them has ASD and yes the rest of them have ADHD and see something shiney and there they go forgetting what they were suppose to be doing. But, I think it will benefit everyone in the long run and everyone will lead a much longer life. Even I have my own self reminders of work to do and things to remember. Don’t think this is just for little children. I am contemplating making one of these nifty do dads for Hubs.

I found the idea on Pinterest (who knew!). I adapted it to what materials I had on hand because I am thrifty like that. I used a diaper box we got from Costco and cut off all the folds with a sharp knife. Next, I took the chalk board door hanger off his door and used it as a template. However, if you do not have template handy you could probably do a “door hanger template” search on Google. After I traced out three, I used my sharp knife again to cut out the shapes. After that, I found some scrap scrapbook paper I had been saving and traced the template on the paper again. Again, I cut out the three paper templates. I grabbed my rubber cement and smeared some on both the backs of the cardboard and the paper templates and smashed them together. Lastly, I took my stash of Washib tape and clothes pins and got to work. I went on Pinterest again for ideas of responsibility, but mainly I just thought of what I had them doing daily already. We don’t have much time in the mornings so I left off any morning routines that needed to be followed. In the end it took about one hour to complete three.


They are so cute hanging on their doors…until Diva when to close hers and broke the clothes pins off in the door jam. So new solution? I grabbed a couple small 3M command hooks and slapped those babies on the front lower middle of the door and hung their reminder charts there.