The Moment When…

The moment when you smell it. Ya moms all know that smell. The one that turns your nose up. Ya, that one. And some get that joyful experience when your kid does it in the same spot everytime.

SB picks my office. While working on the blog she squats down and bam! I smell it. Dang girl!!

So I smelt it and knew a diaper change was in order. But just to make sure; I check. And I instantly feel that warm sensation of “something” on my finger. Gag! No dry heaving. I contained it.

I tell her it’s time for a change and she is so amazing. She walks her cute self into her room. How can you be disgusted at a face like that?!

The Moment When…

The moment when you realize it’s not just baby drool that landed on your arm. It’s copious amounts of baby poop.

SB was VERY hungry at the Mexican restaurant last night. She ate a serving of rice and a double portion of beans and a tomato. Which apparently made its return this morning in the form of nasty smelling poo.

Just imagine opening the nursery door and seeing a happy and smiling baby eager to see you and play. You lift her up and then pull her close giving her smooches and then you feel it; a wet sensation on your arm. You brush the feeling out of your mind. You’ve had three kids, a little drool is nothing to scoff at. And proceed to change and dress said happy smiling baby. And then the smell hits you. Like a smack in the face. Or in the case, a smack of poop hitting you ok the arm. As I looked down I saw the tomatoes… from last night. Insert loud high pitched girly screaming and you have my reaction.

And there you have it. My Friday morning. Seems these “The Moment When…” posts are becoming a regular thing. Hope you enjoy me sacrificing my perfect picture of mommydom to giving you all too realistic episodes of how real mommies live.