Mommy Moment Monday- The Moment When….

The moment when you step on something on the bathroom floor. You look down to see a dried mass of brown….something. Then three feet away you notice the wet toilet paper with a matching brown mass of ….something. Then you remember how 5 minutes before hand you had your foot on the counter and your husband was pulling a small piece of glass out of a cut. Then visions of your foot getting infected, falling off and having a peg leg shoot into your head. Yes, this was my Monday morning and yes it was dried poop.

I wont bore you with the disgusting details of the conversation we had discussing why Bug left poop and poopy toilet paper on the ground. However, I will tell you it was quiet entertaining.

Tip{py} Tuesday: Prepare for the worse; Hope for the best- Ways to be in control of your PCS move with special needs children


MrsMissionControl did it, and now its our turn. We have officially received our temporary reassignment orders with the military. Which mean a lot of quick large scale changes that will start impacting our lives.  I have already started purging house hold goods and all too eagerly have started putting together and updating our PCS binder. Not only that, I am taking it one step futher to create another binder to haul around with me pretty much where ever I go. I guess you can say it is a personal sized PCS binder. A few different sections in each, but they will both serve the same purpose; they will help keep us organized, efficient and seemingly in control during the next several months. Yes, I said several. We don’t like to do anything easy in this family, so we are not going straight to our new base. Instead we are throwing in a class for the hubs and some road tripping for the kids and I through several states starting in mid-may.

Due to the fact we will be Gypsy’s for the next several months, I need to make sure that I have all the important information at my finger tips with me at all times. If not, I could chance the boat sinking or the moving truck catching on fire and all those highly important doctors records, prescription medication information and more might be lost forever (don’t laugh, I actually know families who this has happened to). So don’t be caught without that possibly live-saving information. Additionally, it will be beneficial to carry certain records and reports with you to help settle your children with special needs into new schools and therapies. Since our children will not be starting school right away, it will be important for us to be able to hand over those records to the gaining schools and have everything set in place before we even arrive or our house hold goods come.

I will up updating you all on what I do include in both my personal new family binder and our PCS binder.

Tricare/Therapy Thursdays – MyAutismTeam; Facebook for Autism

I used to be a social media junkie. But three kids later and I need more time in my day to sleep and shower rather than catch up on the latest “friends” who I haven’t seen or talked to in 10 years. Some may say sleep is over rated, but come on! I cut back on my tweets and dropped a few hundred friends and ditched MySpace a decade ago. But one thing I do keep up on are the support groups I am involved in through some of those social media feeds. A few I favor are MilitarySpecialNeedsNetwork, MilitaryOneSource, and a few Facebook groups where I have made some great connections across the world (ya, I’m that cool!).

But last week a friend of mine, who is also the parent of two ASD boys, turned me onto MyAutismTeam. I have spent a few days milling around their site, updating my profile, adding in my kids ASD characteristics and even friending a few moms. It seems like a great social media platform designed specially for those individuals with a relationship to a ASD person.


I realized there are still some people who have never created a Facebook account or those who have completely turned away from the time devouring platform. Which is who I believe this platform was intended for. No worries of signing in and a gaggle of Facebook chats popping up, or realizing you have 347 unread tweets to peruse. The only purpose of this social media site is to connect you with other moms (in my case) experiencing the same life ups and downs; to share your story with others and to make connections that you might not have been able to make elsewhere.


I also feel this is a great resource for those in the military. With moving from base to base every few years, it is hard to keep in touch with all the friends you make. But these friends wont move and if they do, you can easily still communicate with them via the site.

I also know from personal experience how extremely isolating it can be with special needs children. We are human and we tend to judge what we don’t know, don’t understand and what we have never experienced. I get tired of the stares, snide comments and rolling of the eyes from individuals who don’t take the time to educate themselves or who simply act like a 12 year old. This can be a site where everyone knows exactly what you are going through- as they have been there before. And if they haven’t, at least they know of a safe place to go to for support when it does.

Happy Fathers Day


Some hilarious Father’s Day cards vial picks on Flipboard app.

Happy Father’s Day to our dad followers, the single dads, the moms playing duel roles, the grandparents raising their grandchildren, the first time dads, the seasoned dads, the dads who cant be home with their families our husbands and our dads.

Our husbands are often met with challenges others do not face. They battle the challenge of acceptance. Acceptance that their children are special. Beyond special; they are amazing. The acceptance of a diagnosis is a personal challenge and struggle many dads will never have to face. Most dads have the idealistic dream that their children will be perfect and free of imperfections. It takes a strong and true man to accept what God has given him. My husband is amazing and treats our children with no soft hands or bends to the diagnosis. He treats and love them as his children. Plain and simple.

Personally my dad is amazing. But there is no shirt, keychain, card or mug that has the space or words to express the gratitude I have for him. He was the class chaperone on school field trips. He took me to sports practices, stood in rain, snow and sleet at my soccer games. He is the root of my electronics obsession. The cause of my curly hair I rebelled against for so long. I have his eyes and sarcastic sense of humor. But most importantly, I have him as my dad. He did all those things and more having been divorced from my mom when I was little. He didn’t live with us or even in the same city. But he made a point to not make distance break our relationship. Divorced dads often get a bad reputation of leaving their family behind- but I know mine is always behind me, supporting me and loving me.

Not to be forgotten is my mom. For so many years we lived together and she was there for me always. Even now I call her for advice and comfort.

Living in paradise does have it la draw backs. A phone call home isn’t as effective as a hug in person. But until we get home – Happy Father’s Day

The Moment When…


The moment when you have a proud mommy moment.

My son texted the last line. Hubs told him what to write and Bug did it. Why did it make my heart swell? Bug has been having some hard times in school. Due to his behavior he has missed some learning building blocks including reading and has regressed some on letter recognition and letter sounds. Hubs ask Bug to read back what he wrote and he did. Hubs said he was so proud.

It’s the small things folks.