Mommy Moment Mondays: Check Your Pockets!

Oh the things your find in your washing machine. Things that should not be in your washing machine. Things your children put in their pockets that end up in the washing machine. And millions of other things that end up in the trash that shouldn’t be, the fridge that shouldn’t be, and under beds that shouldn’t be. As moms, we all have these experiences. I remember to stay calm, and you should too. Why? Because up until that point, your child has no idea it is wrong to put anything that doesn’t belong in those place. For example, this is what I found in my washing machine this morning.


My child had no idea it was wrong to not check your pockets before putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Why? Because I never taught her to check her pockets for little treasures. So before I ran my mouth and went off the handle, I had to take a breath and realize she didn’t do it out of malice, but did it out of naiveness.

That small pause made me think about a lot of things. What else was I getting angry at my children for when it was pure innocence on their part instead of the deviousness I felt it was? Probably a whole hell of a lot of things. My children are smart, smarter than you think, smarter than I think. There are times I don’t give them enough credit and times I forget how little they are. So this morning after I discovered all her little treasures in the washer, I smiled, laughed and showed Hubs.

This afternoon when she gets home from school I will shower her what I found. I will bite my tongue and hold back my irritatedness, and calmly explain to all my children to check their pockets before putting their dirty clothes in the basket (and hope Hubs is within ear shot). And then, along with the dirty laundry hiding under her bed, and empty cups of now cottage cheese I found while cleaning out her toy box, I will explain to all of them (for the umteithbillion time) where our dirty dishes and clothes go. Why? There is still innocence in my children.  They have not reached the age  of maliciousness (maybe I’m the naive one) .


Sock Basket

excuse the mess

excuse the mess

While Hubs was gone on a extended work assignment, I knew I would not be able to keep up with the entire household and kids. So I gave up a few things in order to keep my sanity. One was the laundry. Yes, I washed our clothes; but I didn’t fold them. Please don’t judge. But if you really think about it, after you put your nicely folded clothes in your kids drawers; do they ever stay folded? Mine don’t, and I didn’t want to spend a year stressing over it. Even folded, Diva tells me she has nothing to wear, so in a basket fresh out of the dryer clean clothes went. Each kid had their own basket and knew where it was in the laundry room. So if they couldn’t find anything in their drawers (yes, I would get a crazy hair up my butt and sometimes fold clothes they were instructed to put away), off to the laundry room I would send them. However, we still ran into the common sock monster problem. No one could find socks. Luckily where we live, they are rarely needed, as we always wear sandals But on the occasional PE day we would be in a mad panic to find socks. So I made a fourth pile. After after Hubs returned he liked the idea, and we kept it. So I introduce to you – sock basket. All socks for every member of this family go into this basket. During laundry time, we match them and keep them here. And here they stay. Luckily for us the door to the garage (which we use most often and where our shoes are kept) is in the laundry room. So it is easy for us to grab a pair of socks, get dressed and out the door we go. We still have to occasional stay sock and have since discovered that SB likes to wander in the laundry room to play with the socks, but we manage pretty well with having a basket of socks handy by the door. Saves time in the morning and frustration for mom and dad.