Tip{py} Tuesday- Visual Cues


We all need reminders. However, I have my limit at repeating myself 4 different times per person in this family. It gets old fast and I get annoyed even faster, especially with the 4 I have. I have also come to the conclusion that was a maid in a former life. I picture myself as one of the ones in Downton Abbey. Milling around a grand mansion striking soot off Persian rugs and helping the Lady pick just the right piece of flare for tonight’s dinner with the Earl. And then reality sets in and I am scrubbing pee off the toilets, using my nails as a abrasive edge to peel who-knows-what off the dinning room table, and the only piece of flare I get to wear is the splash of blueberry smoothie on my shirt…that I wore yesterday. I have hit that threshold of “no one appreciates me” yesterday when I said goodbye to a dozen small deadly little bits and pieces I sucked up with the vacuum. So today, I am doing something about it.


Hubs and I have been battling in the past weeks on the next step with parenting. Our children are getting older, more responsible and understanding of the world around them and what we expect of them. It’s not cute anymore when they leave legos in the floor to be stepped on or when the sticker book threw up all over Diva’s room one afternoon. Actions will now equal consequences. We also decided it was about time the children start pulling their weight around here. Why else do you have kids? JK. However, the main battle we are having is should it be a paid system of chores or a list of household responsibilities?

I never got paid as a child for chores. I did what I was told with childhood resentment. However, it lead to adulthood gratification. I know how to clean a toilet, how to do the laundry and how to load a dishwasher with out looking for someone to hand me a quarter to do it. I was raised that it would your duty and responsibility to your home and your family to do your work.

This this is how it is gonna work. Everyone needs reminders. And from this point further I am going to stop verbally reminding everyone to do what they are suppose too (with the exception of SB). Yes, the rest of them has ASD and yes the rest of them have ADHD and see something shiney and there they go forgetting what they were suppose to be doing. But, I think it will benefit everyone in the long run and everyone will lead a much longer life. Even I have my own self reminders of work to do and things to remember. Don’t think this is just for little children. I am contemplating making one of these nifty do dads for Hubs.

I found the idea on Pinterest (who knew!). I adapted it to what materials I had on hand because I am thrifty like that. I used a diaper box we got from Costco and cut off all the folds with a sharp knife. Next, I took the chalk board door hanger off his door and used it as a template. However, if you do not have template handy you could probably do a “door hanger template” search on Google. After I traced out three, I used my sharp knife again to cut out the shapes. After that, I found some scrap scrapbook paper I had been saving and traced the template on the paper again. Again, I cut out the three paper templates. I grabbed my rubber cement and smeared some on both the backs of the cardboard and the paper templates and smashed them together. Lastly, I took my stash of Washib tape and clothes pins and got to work. I went on Pinterest again for ideas of responsibility, but mainly I just thought of what I had them doing daily already. We don’t have much time in the mornings so I left off any morning routines that needed to be followed. In the end it took about one hour to complete three.


They are so cute hanging on their doors…until Diva when to close hers and broke the clothes pins off in the door jam. So new solution? I grabbed a couple small 3M command hooks and slapped those babies on the front lower middle of the door and hung their reminder charts there.




Mommy Moment Monday…Find the Unexpected Beauty

It’s easy to get lost in the hum-drum of everyday events.  Wake up the kids, make breakfast, get dressed, get the kids on the bus, clean the house, get groceries, run errands, pick up the kids, go to appointments, make dinner, baths, read books, fall into bed.  The next day, repeat.  You get the point.  Within all of that madness there are moments of unexpected beauty that can easily be lost if not sought after.  My own mother was a master of this.  She could turn any frown upside-down, sing a made-up-song at the drop of a hat, rejoice in the beauty of the everyday.  Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, and warm woolen mittens.  That sort of thing.  You could just feel excitement when she was around.  Like anything was possible.  Like anything could happen.  And even if nothing earth-shattering was happening it would still be fun.  And there was beauty.  She would talk about how much she loved a clear counter, the snap of a fresh sheet being tucked onto a mattress, the warmth of folding towels just out of the dryer.  Her optimism was infectious, and her touch made our home a place where everyone wanted to gather.  When you view the world through these lenses, the beauty is easier to see.  Moments that would have gone unnoticed become something to appreciate.

I was making dinner the other night with a heavy heart.  I felt like I had been in the kitchen all day, and that my work was never done.  I could see only the madness and not the magnificent.  I felt weighed down with all there was to do.  It was making me snap at my two boys and feel like I was trying to walk through cement.  I was making chicken noodle soup from scratch because it was freezing outside and it was something my mother would have done.  As I was cutting the celery, I decided to lob off the end of the stalk to save time.  I rinsed the long sections and diced them up into the pot.  As I moved my hand to sweep the nub of the celery stalk into the garbage something caught my eye.  I looked closer and picked it up.  This is what I saw.


A perfect rose.  I couldn’t believe it.  I realized how my perspective was clouding my observations of the world around me.  I was missing the beauty in the unexpected, the happiness in the routine.  I finished chopping up the vegetables into the soup and covered the pot to let it simmer.  I wiped my hands on the dish towel and put a smile on my face.  There were two little boys in the house that needed a hug.

Mommy Moment Mondays: Check Your Pockets!

Oh the things your find in your washing machine. Things that should not be in your washing machine. Things your children put in their pockets that end up in the washing machine. And millions of other things that end up in the trash that shouldn’t be, the fridge that shouldn’t be, and under beds that shouldn’t be. As moms, we all have these experiences. I remember to stay calm, and you should too. Why? Because up until that point, your child has no idea it is wrong to put anything that doesn’t belong in those place. For example, this is what I found in my washing machine this morning.


My child had no idea it was wrong to not check your pockets before putting your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Why? Because I never taught her to check her pockets for little treasures. So before I ran my mouth and went off the handle, I had to take a breath and realize she didn’t do it out of malice, but did it out of naiveness.

That small pause made me think about a lot of things. What else was I getting angry at my children for when it was pure innocence on their part instead of the deviousness I felt it was? Probably a whole hell of a lot of things. My children are smart, smarter than you think, smarter than I think. There are times I don’t give them enough credit and times I forget how little they are. So this morning after I discovered all her little treasures in the washer, I smiled, laughed and showed Hubs.

This afternoon when she gets home from school I will shower her what I found. I will bite my tongue and hold back my irritatedness, and calmly explain to all my children to check their pockets before putting their dirty clothes in the basket (and hope Hubs is within ear shot). And then, along with the dirty laundry hiding under her bed, and empty cups of now cottage cheese I found while cleaning out her toy box, I will explain to all of them (for the umteithbillion time) where our dirty dishes and clothes go. Why? There is still innocence in my children.  They have not reached the age  of maliciousness (maybe I’m the naive one) .

Tip{py} Tuesdays- Snack Attack!

Or the snacks are attacked! Either way you phrase it- my kids have been attacking all the food coming into this house lately. They go through growth spurts at the same time! It drives me insane. It’s like having triplets and I’m just as busy as a mom of one. So I have taught my kids to do a few things independently to help me out and to teach them a few life skills they will need in the real world.

One is getting themselves a snack. A while back MrsMissionControl wrote a great post about teaching her kids how to get their own cups and plates.

We use this method in our home too. And to help my kids get their own snack as well I went a step further. I bought a large over-sized snap lock lidded monstrosity of a jug from the px and simply filled it with gold fish. It will hold two of the bags from Costco.

My only issue? SB helping herself.


Laundry Fail… or Not?


Laundry fail… or not?

I have a rule I follow. I would rather have a multitude abundance of clothes for my children then do laundry every day.

With three kids, multiple therapists, and Hubs uniforms, I rarely have time to pee alone than do laundry. And honestly, it’s no doing the wash its the time it talks to fold and put away. It’s just the one household/domestic godess task I loath. I am no Martha Stewart. I even taught my kids to put their own clothes away in hopes I wouldn’t have to fold and put them away.

(My theory here is why fold the laundry when after I put it away the kids dig through and unfold everything and it lands on the floor.)

So here I sit, no kids because they are all in childcare. Wasting my precious mommy alone time- folding laundry. But it’s done…for now. I have a load in the washer, another in the dyer and another in the dirty laundry basket.

So my question- is it a mommy fail to have a supply of clothes to last a month just to avoid laundry? I see it as a way to spend more time with my family.