The Moment When…ASD Kid Problems

The moment when your ASD kid tells you he doesn’t want to eat the pieces of corn with the flat parts.

Wait, what? Doesn’t every kernel of corn have flat parts? It’s called the sides.

Oh geeze, I flashback to the Spaghettio debacle. Thought I was safe since every kernel is basically the same shape, color and size.

Mommy Moment Monday

Today is the day! My trifecta of happiness started. By some mere miracle, I was able to get Diva into a closer prek (she started today) which was right down the street from our house. So now I can easily walk Bug to school in the mornings and then on our way back home walk Diva to prek. Life is great! Everything has worked out the way I had hoped and the great thing is I have stopped trying to stress over the things I cant control (one small step for me!).

So what did I do with my extra time (I gained two extra hours a day by switching Diva to a closer school!)? I decided to finally update Bugs room. I wanted to surprise him with a big boy room when he got home from his first official first day of kindergarten.

Sadly, it was time for “The Hungry Caterpillar” room to go. It had served us well for the past 4 years. Like the room, Bug has started growing into a handsome butterfly and it was time his room reflected his transformation. But it wont be with out tears. The art in his “toddler” room was hand made by my mom, aunt and I. Of course I am going to keep it forever! I will never be able to part with it. Which is why it will either go in the playroom or the tote of Bugs items I am saving for him. Then it is his choice and I don’t have to be broken hearten with parting with it.

Many months ago I started this project. I knew it would take awhile for me to complete and decided to give myself this day as a deadline. I am happy to say that I did complete the major projects I had planned. His new bedding was ordered; now it is washed and already on his bed. Hubs painted his new art work; and its ready for Hubs to hang when he gets home from work. I also finally finished his new curtain holders. This was a labor of love. It was so much fun to do and I cant wait to show you the projects. But first let me show you the complete finished project!

curtain holders picmonkeyblank curtains picmonkeycurtain clips picmonkeysuperhero curtains picmonkeyfinished room 4 picmonkeyfinished room 5 picmonkeyfinished room 6 picmonkeyfinished room picmonkeyfinished room 2 picmonkeyfinished room 3 picmonkey

Tricare and Therapy Thursdays – Rubber Bands on Steroids

It’s has been a busy, yet productive, week in our house! I love these weeks and the weather makes it so much more enjoyable since I did a lot of running around. Rain boots clash with most of my outfits 🙂 Im always loving this weather in paradise. Also this week Bug started back to school!

Grades 1-5 started back on the 12, but our little wee ones did some small transition days into the classroom this week and start back next week full time. I am smiling ear to ear!

Bug, like most ASD kids, thrive on structure and he was thrilled Tuesday when he got to go to school. He asked to go yesterday and had a rough day when I told him he has to wait another day.

But then my mommy mind started buzzing with new thoughts about making sure my little bug was taken care of when I’m not with him. New school year means a new teacher. And Bug has a IEP and has a few tools he gets in the classroom. I know he isn’t even back to school full time, but I didn’t see any of his tools there are Tuesday.

One of the great tools we employ at school and home is the exercise band. It sounds so simple because it is. It helps his focus so much. Sadly, the one at home broke, but they are only a few bucks at Walmart.


The exercise band is a simple massive rubber band. They use them in physical therapy and for working out. They are easy to take with you, easy to install and easy to use.

Bugs OT simple tied one between the chair legs on his seat at home. The OT at school did the same on his desk chair. It simple provides the user with a other way to focus their physical energy on something without taking away from their learning environment.

There are different resistances which is great as your child grows. And when they snap (think rubber bands) they are easy to replace.

Bug is able to concentrate more on his school work or task at hand because he can spend his physical energy flicking the band with his feet; which keeps his hands and mind more focused.

The Moment When…

The moment when you hear the “barking seal”. We heard it all night. It never stopped, until of course I took Bug to the doctor this morning. Then he stopped barking and SB started wheezing. Is today Monday? Sure felt like it.

First it started with the “barking seal” cough all night. Then Hubs waking me up before he left to work out suggesting I take Bug in to the doctor. With Bugs medical condition his immune system is compromised. We have to take over-reacting decisions for him. This includes taking him to the doctor for the slightest cold. So I alert the kids to no school today, which sent their and my world spinning out of control. I am slowly gaining back control as we speak. But as I was trying to get the kids in the car, Bug tells me the car is locked. Enter mom freak-out moment now! Why? Because I leave my keys inside (don’t yell at me, I know its not smart. But it beats my kids walking off with them in the house). I call Hubs to calmly explain my frustration at him for locking my keys in (maybe calm is a major understatement). And then realized he left the spare set at home (GO HUBS!) so I was fortunate to get to the doctors on time. Then it started.

The kids started coming unglued. Running in the busy parking lot, throwing shoes at ceiling tiles, throwing bodies against the wall. All the while Bug was not coughing and SB was wheezing. It finally dawned on me this was because I changed the morning routine of not getting ready and going to school. But trust me, the doctors was not on my list either. Finally done with the doctors with a diagnosis of croup. We are sent home. They will not get Bug steroids because it will lower his already compromised immune system. So he needs to fight it off. Hoping that works. But what isn’t working is him acting like a complete lunatic. Finally I call Hubs up and ask him to take Bug to school. And Hubs calmly tells me he is bowling tonight and offers to bring me home a bottle of wine on his way home from work today. Smart man.

The Moment When…


The moment when you kid asks for school lunch because they are serving Dominos Pizza for lunch. I mean seriously, what kid wants a pb and j sandwich over pizza? My kid apparently. He associates Dominos with sickness.

Poor guy; last time he ate it he ended up with the flu. So hence forward he thinks every time he eats it, he will get sick.

We basically forced him to eat it today. I refused to pack him a home lunch and the cafeteria was told not to provide his class with food. I was told he ate a slice. Go Bug! Some people might see this as mean. But if we don’t I only foresee him restricting his food choices more and more. I love my kid. I just don’t like how he is afraid of food.