Developers dive in to create a wealth of autism apps

I am a techie. I love electronics and can’t remember what it was like before my iPhone. Ok, I do remember having a pager! I read this article and have more hope now, then I did three years ago when my children were first diagnosed. With all the advancement in technology I believe we have made these advances not to just make our lives simpler but to help those we need it.

Diva did not talk until age 2. Now, at home, we can’t stop her. She may not always be understandable, but she talks and communicates. And I can’t help but wonder if we were able to have access to a iPad/iPod/iPhone if we have been able to speed up her progress by the help of apps to widen the bridge of communication. Here’s hope to the future and the progress I hope we can make for our children and our children’s children.,0,7188151.story


Over 200 Discounted IPad Applications For Autism Awareness Day

I just came across this article over at iAutism in regards to free or discounted apps for your iPad/iPhone in honor of Autism Awareness day. I’m not sure when all discounts end… so get em’ quick!

“Today we celebrate the World Autism Awareness Day. Some app developers celebrate it by offering special discounts and in some cases even offer their apps for free.

This post presents a list of these applications for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch (or “apps”) divided by categories. Those categories are only indicative, and some apps could be included in more than one category. There are apps specifically designed for people with autism and other which are aimed to help people with special needs in general, and other that are totally generic. IN TOTAL, THE LIST ADDS UP TO 200 APPS.”

Hackathon Centered Around Autism Aids

I am a news and tech junky. I saw this article while catching up on some reading and I am excited at the prospects. I am hoping they come true as I know there were no plans, classes or support groups provided to our family when our children where first diagnosed with ASD. I love when technology can be combined with assisting our kids. I know from our personal experience our children love movies, tv and their iPhones. So when you are able to combine items they respond to, to a educational aspect I am all for it.

Following is a link to a article about the recent hackathon put on by Microsoft Bing Fund and community partners.