Developers dive in to create a wealth of autism apps

I am a techie. I love electronics and can’t remember what it was like before my iPhone. Ok, I do remember having a pager! I read this article and have more hope now, then I did three years ago when my children were first diagnosed. With all the advancement in technology I believe we have made these advances not to just make our lives simpler but to help those we need it.

Diva did not talk until age 2. Now, at home, we can’t stop her. She may not always be understandable, but she talks and communicates. And I can’t help but wonder if we were able to have access to a iPad/iPod/iPhone if we have been able to speed up her progress by the help of apps to widen the bridge of communication. Here’s hope to the future and the progress I hope we can make for our children and our children’s children.,0,7188151.story


Zaggfolio for iPad- next best thing to owning a iMac

I grew up with a computer in my room since I was 7. I was fortunate that my dad worked with computers for a living. Some called me spoiled; but I call it fortunate. I’m more skilled at computers than most men at cars. I also got my dads obsession with electronics. I have had windows and apple based computers. While I loved the thought I was able to own and afford a iMac; it was just a oversized (and priced) iPod for me. Most programs I run only run on a windows format. After trading in my iMac for a windows based laptop, I felt a hole in my heart. I needed something more convient and “cooler”. The awesome Hubs braved the crowds and got me a new iPad 2. Well, new at the time. But it was worth every penny. It’s a nanny, cookbook, accountant and more. And just like a girl needs new shoes; she needed a new accessory too. Since I use it everyday for some sort of typing, I looked into keyboards.

Out of all the options out there I settled on one that was portable and easy to use. I don’t like complicated; my life has enough of that.

So I choose the Zaggfolio. They have since added a new similar product; the Zaggfolio is the least expensive of the two. The new model has a backlit keyboard with several different colors. But since I reserve the darkness for sleep and not work, it was something I could do without.

Easy to setup, connect via Bluetooth and use; the Zaggfolio is my favorite accessory. It comes in both white and black (possibly more. Just check out Zagg’s website for more options).

The only con I find is its weight and bulkiness. I take my iPad everywhere, but typically I’ve had to take it out of its docking in the Zaggfolio to eliminate the weight in my purse/diaper bag. It also stops my spawn from creating their own master pieces on my iPad.