I’m Sitting Alone in my Closet with a Beer; We’ve All Been There


Don’t judge. I’ve been called a lot of despicable and ugly names; but fake ain’t one. It’s been a long day and as I’m finally able to take a breather and come out of my closet (please don’t judge my mess either), I can sit back enjoying my beer and smirk at the events of today. I didn’t smile because they all didn’t make me happy; but there definitely is humor to my day.

However, as I sat in my closet and notice our unpacked suitcases from the move, found the raw hides the dogs been hiding, and the clipped toe nails from around the trash can by the toilet (I told you I don’t hold back) I thought about everything that happened today to make it today.

I was able to attend my second MOPS meeting here in town. I loved it. I got to talk to other real mom’s like me; the ones who admit they hide in their bathrooms too. We learned about owing motherhood and not negating the value of our job. Just because we don’t have a weekly pay check or putting money into our 401k, does not mean we aren’t worth anything. It just means what we are worth as mom’s is a inmeauserable amount. Remember that moms; there is no hourly wage or yearly salary that can measure up to what we provide for our children and family now and into the future. Also, remember that if you need that 50….err 5 minute break in the bathroom- don’t forget the bottle opener.


Wordy Wednesday – MFLC

Forgive me for being so late with my posts, August has been and is a extremely busy month for our family. With Bug starting back to school and Diva switching schools, there is a lot of adjustments the kids are experiencing. Making each day a new adventure in the wonderful world of Autism (because they don’t do well with change!). So maybe I need to see a MFLC! But what is MFLC?

At first, I kept picturing this little duck walking around the office going “AFLAC, ALFAC!!!”. Then I realized it had nothing to do with a duck; but everything to do with a persons health. MFLC, or Military and Family Life counselor, is a program in the Army designed inn which, Masters or Doctorate-level licensed counselors assist families on a wide range of non-medical counseling services. I know from experience they even offer resiliency training classes (which MrsMissionControl and I took together!). Most importantly, they are a private counseling resource families, individuals and couples can use. ┬áIn addition they now have youth MFLC.

In the lifestyle we all lead (military families) we go through emotions and feelings that are unique to our situation. I had often felt the deep down sadness of experiencing depression. It is unsettling to talk to a family member or friend when pouring your heart out over how exasperated you feel; realizing at the end of the conversation you are the only one in it. This is where MFLC can step in and provide the understanding , mental equipment and knowledge on how to resolve a issue.