Wordy Wednesday- Army Acronym with Most Meanings

Holy Moses! So I was trying to think of a word for today and seriously stuck. I think I know what so many mean I over look that so many people don’t and just assume. So many times I have heard Hubs talk about how the Army has an acronym for everything from AAAA to ZULU. I don’t know what was more annoying; an acronym for a single letter Alpha (A) or an acronym that has 18 different meanings. So I decided to do a little investigating and see what all acronyms the Army does use. And then I ran across the mother of all acronyms.

longest Army acrynom

I was totally laughing at myself when I was researching this. Who else would spend time looking for the acronym with the most meanings? This girl! I’ve got one kid down for a nap, one getting his medical treatment and the oldest two playing Wii while he receives it. I could be doing a million and one things right now; like taking a nap. But no, I find this way more interesting. So what is the acronym with the most meanings? 27 meanings; say what!?

I know, I know. Not a totally helpful and resourceful article; but it was a fun one. We always say the Army has an acronym for everything. Here is proof not only do they, they have just a single one that has 27 meanings. I challenge all of you to find me an Army acronym that has more. I don’t know what is more sad; the fact I googled Army acronym with most meanings and found this site or that Google spit out over 45,000,000 results.