Is a 504 plan Right for Your Child- Via Military Special Needs Network

School starts next week for us (thank you!). Last night was our open house and the children got to meet their new teachers prospectively. Of course new situations don’t come without a few bumps we must maneuver around along the way. On is named Ms. Pérez, who happens not to be Diva’s kindergarten teacher for the entire year. For half of the school year, Ms. Pérez will be the teacher subbing for Diva’s real teacher who is on maternity leave until Christmas. However, at this point I feel that is the least of Diva’s worries.

Up until this point Diva as not been in a public school education or qualified for IEP to obtain admittance to a special needs preschool. She has been tested twice and told, even though she was mute during both testing periods, that would not impact her education and she still passed all the tests. Her passing the tests was remarkable to me since they reported she didn’t say one word, does not know how to spell, read or write. So here we are a year later in a new state and a new school district. Seeing Diva in a preschool setting I feel she will not qualify for a IEP, however, I feel there are certain accommodation. So how do we get those accommodations for her if she has no IEP to write them in? Say ello to my ittle friend… the 504 Plan.

I have been looking for the Dummies Guide to IEP’s and 504’s and found one today. Who can say “awesome sauce”!? Just say thank you to Samantha over at Military Special Needs Network provided us with a great explanation of the difference between an IEP and a 504 plan.

Wordy Wednesday…Perspective

It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day hubbub. What’s for dinner, who broke that lamp, you have to work howlate, etc… But then I’ll come across stuff like this that catches my breath.

When you’ve said goodbye to your loved one for a deployment you get a heaping spoonful of perspective. But, it can be easy to forget once they’re home again, safe and sound. The next time I’m irritated with traffic, annoyed with a long line or frustrated with my family, I’ll try to think of those whose loved ones are deployed. Those who would give anything to have their better half there to be annoyed with. Hope all is well out there and wishing everyone a good day!


Wordy Wednesday: Transferring Your Prescription During a PCS


Yea, you caught me… “Transferring your prescription during a PCS” is not a word. However, it is a aggregating phrase to hear during an already aggregating time of a PCS.

Here’s my story- two months ago I called Tricare and then Express Scripts regarding our families growing list of prescriptions. I was informed “it’s a piece of cake!” And to not worry about it until we have moved and settled down. Ok, so I tried to let go and live with God (a phrase my mom used to say). Flash forward to this past Friday when I ran out of two medications. I quickly called our local pharmacy in town. They informed me I needed to do a transfer of all my prescriptions. Huh? The issue I ran into is I ran out of my prescription while visiting family and before we reach our new duty station. I need to transfer my prescriptions from a military pharmacy to a civilian one.

However, to further the issue, the pharmacy doesn’t take Tricare. Apparently two years ago Walgreens lost the Army contract to take Tricare and has been fighting ever since to gain it back. So I had to call the next pharmacy in line; CVS. CVS takes Tricare for your information.

I dialed up CVS and explained my situation. They were happy to have my business. Then I realized the next hurdle. I needed my medication before I went out of town for two days. I thought if I’d transfer my prescriptions to one CVS, I could pick them up at any location. Guess again. Maybe I am naive. Nevertheless, I had to wait until we returned to town TODAY to pick up my medication. For two reasons 1) you can’t pick up your refill at just any location and 2) most military pharmacies aren’t open on the weekends. So when you call on a Friday trying to get a prescriptions transferred, you need to allow for 24 hours before pick up.

So learn this lesson from me- once you arrive at your new destination; call and have your prescription transferred before you run out of medication.

Wordy Wednesday…Daddies!

So I spent a long time this morning ordering a gift for my husband for Father’s Day (Sunday, June 15- don’t forget!!!).  I had one of those $20 coupons for but the gift I made was less than $20 so I couldn’t use it…So I had to add something else to get to $20, which doubled my shipping, blah, blah, blah…But I think it turned out cute, so after lots of mouse clicking, teeth grinding, and coffee drinking my order is complete.  I started thinking of my hubby and all the awesome stuff he does for me and our kids:

  1. makes my coffee on the weekends
  2. always carries in the groceries when I get home
  3. makes me a drink on the weekends
  4. gives our boys a bath
  5. is a master of doing dishes
  6. does laundry
  7. is sweet to my mom
  8. makes sure to set the DVR to record the shows he knows I like
  9. when I panic about cleaning the house he’ll step in and do the chores I like the least even after being at work all day
  10. cleans the litter box
  11. plays with the kids while I finish dinner so I don’t trip over them and burn them with boiling liquid
  12. surprises me with a date every once in a while that I had no part in planning
  13. will open the door for me and is teaching our boys to do the same
  14. teaches the kids how to do the things I don’t have the patience to teach them
  15. sets up a tent for the kids to play with inside…which they LOVED!!!
  16. and on, and on, and on…



I seriously could go on and on.  As Daddy Day nears, I am going to try to remember all these awesome things he does every day for us.  It doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t want him to do things the “right way’, (to be honest it’s really just “my way,” so that’s probably pretty subjective).  It doesn’t mean I don’t get irritated when I feel like I’ve told him something a million times and he’s looking at me like he has no clue what I’m talking about.  Hey, nobody’s perfect, me or him.  I just know sometimes I can get caught up with the negative, the nit-picking, and lose sight of the big picture.  And the big picture is?  Daddies/ Husbands rock.  Especially ours.

I’ll try to remember that the next time he dresses one of our boys in what he calls “Daddy Outfits.” 🙂