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We like to think of our blog as a “slice of life.”  Well, a slice of our lives, so to speak.  Here is a little more about us…

Motherofchaos3 is a mother of 3 and her house has some, well, chaos.  She’s got 2 daughters and a son, and has been happily married for 8 years. Her husband has been in both the Marine Corps and the Army and she has lots of experience in being a resourceful military spouse.  Two of her children are on the autism spectrum and one has an autoimmune disorder.  She has a background in communications, marketing, and PR, and loves to read, write, and create.

Mrsmissiontrol is a mother of 2 boys and definitely has some control issues (not having enough, wanting more of it, etc…).  She has been happily married for  seven years, all of that as a military spouse.  Her husband has been in the Army for 9 years and they both can’t imagine another kind of life for them right now.  Both of her boys are on the autism spectrum, and she has never been more challenged or felt more reward in her life.  She has worked as an elementary school teacher and has a background in literacy.

So there you have it.  We’ve noticed a shortage on blogs about military families who deal with the day-to-day of having kids with special needs, and autism in particular.  We want to try to fill that space and maybe offer hope, share our lives, and encourage some other families out there.  We wanted stopping by our blog to be like stopping by our homes.  We’d share our new DIY projects, a new book we can’t put down, and the yummy new recipe we’re trying out.  Maybe we’d have a heartfelt chat about a challenge in our lives, with our kids or another frustration we are facing.  Maybe share a laugh about the crazy things that have happened to us.  So grab a cup of coffee, tea, wine, whatever your poison.  Come hang out as we try to get our chaos organized. 

Mommy Moment Mondays:  Monday mornings can be rough for everyone, including us.  We will try to help you ease into the week, share our new fave finds, and discuss some of the crazy trials and tribulations of parenthood.  If nothing else, maybe you can get a laugh as we share an embarrassing story or two.  Or twelve.

Tip{py} Tuesday:  Tuesdays will bring useful tips in the world of cleaning, parenting, and basically running the world.  This is also where we will share any cool DIY projects we have done or hope to do.

Wordy Wednesdays:  Alphabet soup anyone?  ABA, DONSA, EFMP, ASD, PDD-NOS, IEP…WHEW!  Between special education and military life, all those acronyms can be confusing!!!  We will run the maze with you as we try to decipher this whole new language.

Tricare and Therapy Thursdays:  Insurance and therapy are two very important things for special needs families.  Thursdays are when we will cover important Tricare information and news, as well as  information we have come across regarding the numerous therapies (namely occupational, speech, and ABA) for kiddos with autism and PDD-NOS.

Foodie Friday:  We’ll head into the weekend with great recipes, especially those for those on a gluten free (GF) or gluten free casein free (GFCF diet).  We don’t post recipes unless we’ve made them, so rest assured they are mom, kid, and family-tested and approved.

Whatever Weekends:  We are tired too, so no promises for specific topics here.  We’ll share when there is something worth sharing and take a break when there isn’t.

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