Come check out our new digs!

Friends, we are moving! Our new home is at ¬†You’ll see a new look, but lots of familiar goodies, like yummy recipes, parenting stories, laughs, projects, and so on…See you there!

Ummm, Guess What? PLEASE READ


Ummm,  we are moving! Err,  to a new Web address,  not another duty station. Although,  you could equate it to that. Anyways,  when we move (sooner than you think) we will need you to follow us there.

We don’t want to lose you. That could make us look like bad parents. And we maaayyyy have lost a kid or two before. Just saying… We don’t want to lose you either.

So please follow us at

And please don’t make me beg. I look really unattractive when I do.