On-the-go with ASD

Wordy Wednesday…Schedules on-the-go
We know kiddos with ASD (and often times, their mothers too) do much better when their is a schedule. It helps them know what to expect and it can lower their feelings of anxiety. We are getting ready for a fourth of July road trip, which can always be challenging. It reminded me of a post I did almost a year ago about some tricks to help kiddos with ASD when travelling and even to maintain a schedule during a regular day at home. I thought it was worth sharing again. Hope everyone is having a great day! As always, let me know your thoughts and any tricks-of-the-trade that have worked in your home 🙂

So, I have been blessed with two little boys, and there are not very many dull moments in our house.  Between our military lifestyle and both our boys being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), things can get a bit chaotic.  We move and travel quite a bit, and even when we are on the home-front for a while, the days are filled with lots of therapy appointments, playgroups, etc…All of that said, we are “on-the-go” constantly.  That can cause anxiety in any kid and for a child with ASD, it can be especially hard.  They can have a hard time understanding the passage of time, and while waiting can be difficult for any child, it can be especially excruciating for them.  We especially had trouble when we were running more than one errand at a time (library, stopping for lunch, picking up prescriptions, etc…)

My son’s ABA (Applied Behavior…

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