Tip{py} Tuesday…Wedding invitation shadow box

So, life happens. My wonderful blog co-author, motherofchaos3, is on a trip abroad for a wedding (while in the midst of a PCS move, I might add), and I am in the throes of the first week of summer vacation with my two kiddos. We don’t want to take the week off, per se, but want to revisit some of our more popular posts from the past. So, today’s Tip{py} Tuesday is a repost…and one close to my heart ❤ Have a great day!

Next summer hubby and I will be celebrating our eighth wedding anniversary.  Hard to believe, it’s gone pretty fast!  So fast, that there are certain projects that I have been meaning to do that I feel I can no longer put off.  One example?  Doing something cool with one of our wedding invitations.  This has been on my list for years, and over the weekend I finally checked it off.

I started with a shadow box that I found at our local Goodwill store for just under five bucks.

shadow box before

Once I saw that it could be opened by unscrewing several screws holding the frame together, my brain started cooking up some ideas of how to turn it into a new home for one of our wedding invitations.

shadow box open

I had a rough idea in my head of what I wanted to include in the shadow box.  Basically, one of our invitations…

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