Therapy Thursday…Speech!

Once a child is diagnosed with autism, it is common for a lot of interventions to be recommended for the child.  Occupational and speech therapy are just some of those interventions, and they are both extremely effective in helping kids on the spectrum make progress towards their goals.  Sometimes as a parent it can be hard to know how to support our kids as far as their therapy is concerned.  We might feel like we are not “expert” enough to help.  While I firmly believe it is our most important job to be our kids’ parents first since we are the only ones they’ve got, I do feel that we can help our kids succeed.  I came across this website of speech activities that can be done with kids on the autism spectrum and had to share.  They don’t require you to be an expert or take tons of time.  The site is chock-full of ideas that you can make your own so they work for your family.  All it takes is patience.  And more patience.  Then sprinkle some more patience on top of that.  🙂  Best of luck!


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