Tricare and Therapy Thursday…Are Ambulance Rides Covered?

Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday!  Short weeks after having a Monday off are always a little weird for me.  It feels like Monday but it’s really Tuesday.  Same amount of work fewer days to do it, you know the drill.  This week has been even crazier because we had a brush with the ER yesterday.  My youngest currently attends a CDC (Child Development Center) on-post.  He gets time to play and interact with peers, hugely important for his social goals, as well as learning how to follow classroom rules and routines.  It also frees up some time for me to volunteer, work out, or just catch my breath 🙂

We have been so pleased with his care at the CDC and he is doing great.  A common practice for them is to give parents a courtesy call if a child falls and bumps their head, gets a scratch…

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