Foodie Friday- Stuffed Green Peppers

A blast from the past: Stuffed Green Peppers Recipe


We rarely use ground beef in recipes. Actually, we haven’t used ground beef in 5 years. No joke. We either use Italian sausage or ground turkey. It was all part of a “diet” one year and we just decided we couldn’t taste a difference and it was healthier. So why not make the change permanent?

We often prefer Italian sausage but it is a little more unhealthier for you. But some recipes just need the extra calories…er flavor (ground turkey seems to need twice the flavoring as it doesn’t hold the taste as well). The stuffed pepper recipe is one that requires the extra flavor in my opinion. Also I was searching for another recipe that could utilize the sausage I had in the freezer. This was the perfect fit as I also had the rice too. I only needed to buy fresh green peppers and tomato sauce. All the…

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