Wordy Wenesday – ACC

So I had a great post all planned out. lt was gonna introduce you all to MOPS or if you already know about them let you know how I love them. And then life happened and now I will sadly define ACC.

ACC (Acute Care Clinic) • “The Acute Care Clinic provides urgent care to patients experiencing acute illnesses or injuries. Our beneficiaries include active duty and retired military personnel, their family members, and other DoD/Tricare beneficiaries.” Via US Army Health Clinic Schofield Barracks, Hawaii.

I’m not sure how long the wait is based on your location but here we have mainly waited about 30 min before we are seen. And today was no different.

We were happily planning on the beach when Bug fell. He tried to stop himself with his hand and a rock cut into it. The first call I made was to his ABA and the second was to Hubs. Luckily for us his ABA was able to go with us too the ACC. It took 5 male nurses to hold Bug down while his ABA covered he arm with a sheet shielding him from seeing what was going on.


Two stitches later and we were out the door. But boy you should have seen the looks and stares we got as we left. I think we emotionally scared a few kids.


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