The Moment When…

The moment when you realize the “baby” can now open all the doors in the house. The bathroom is no longer safe.

SB surprised me yesterday when she walked in on me using the bathroom. I never lock my doors because I am to afraid a emergency will happen and they will need me while I’m “busy”. But I have taught… er teaching Diva and Bug to knock and wait for a answer before barging in. However SB isn’t aware of the rules quite yet. Instead after discovering her new trick she is overly excitable to preform it. So now she likes to “surprise” me in the bathroom and sneak in there while its not in use. She even crouches down and yells “peek a boo!”

She thinks its funny. I don’t see the humor. At least she is cute. It makes it easier to laugh.



One thought on “The Moment When…

  1. Oh no! That’s no good =/ Silly girl, good thing she’s cute like you said! I think at some point my mom just stopped closing doors. I can’t remember when that started happening, but by the time I was old enough to recognize it I would avoid that area altogether. Unless it was an emergency. Kids, eh? Can’t just wait for you to come out of the bathroom. That would be too easy 🙂
    Stopping by from the Wednesday walkabout!

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