The Moment When…


The moment when you kid asks for school lunch because they are serving Dominos Pizza for lunch. I mean seriously, what kid wants a pb and j sandwich over pizza? My kid apparently. He associates Dominos with sickness.

Poor guy; last time he ate it he ended up with the flu. So hence forward he thinks every time he eats it, he will get sick.

We basically forced him to eat it today. I refused to pack him a home lunch and the cafeteria was told not to provide his class with food. I was told he ate a slice. Go Bug! Some people might see this as mean. But if we don’t I only foresee him restricting his food choices more and more. I love my kid. I just don’t like how he is afraid of food.

2 thoughts on “The Moment When…

  1. i have to say that when you were little, dominoes pizza would make you very sick and you’d throw up…………..everytime. might be something in the pizza as papa johns or pizza hut never bothered you.

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