March Photo-a-day Challenge

Because do don’t have enough on our plates and we love a challenge, we are going to (try at least) to accomplish a month worth of photos. So many people have started going back to the concept of recording memories that we thought this might be a great start. It’s simple and can take only a few seconds to an infinite amount of time to complete. The time and photos are up to you. We are just providing a guideline for daily photo criteria. We will* be posting our daily photos on- you guessed it; a daily basis. So sit back and watch the pandem…magic happen!

2013 March Photo-a-day Challenge

2013 March Photo-a-day Challenge

Day 1: Clock by motherofchaos3

Day 1: Clock by motherofchaos3


Clock by mrsmissioncontrol

*We are not to be held accountable for any days missed due to life preventing us from contributing. Lets face it; we all need a 25th hour in a day.


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