Create your own “I Spy” book

I Spy book page with websiteLast year for the holidays we flew home (17 hours, two Spectrum kids, pregnant me and a very helpful husband). I got each kid a new backpack. In their backpack, I packed their snacks, water bottle and several dollar store and home-made DIY gifts and wrapped each one. It was a great success. Every few hours or when they needed a change of scenery they got to open a new gift (I even wrapped a few of their own I knew they hadn’t seen in awhile). I wanted to share with you the biggest hit of all- the custom DIY “I Spy” book.


I made all pages and the cover either in Google Picasa or in Microsoft Publisher. You will find that I LOVE Publisher. Its my go to and the reason I couldn’t deal with my Mac.

I took about a week to do and I was able to use common things around our home and/or non copywrited images I found online.

Zaggfolio for iPad- next best thing to owning a iMac

I grew up with a computer in my room since I was 7. I was fortunate that my dad worked with computers for a living. Some called me spoiled; but I call it fortunate. I’m more skilled at computers than most men at cars. I also got my dads obsession with electronics. I have had windows and apple based computers. While I loved the thought I was able to own and afford a iMac; it was just a oversized (and priced) iPod for me. Most programs I run only run on a windows format. After trading in my iMac for a windows based laptop, I felt a hole in my heart. I needed something more convient and “cooler”. The awesome Hubs braved the crowds and got me a new iPad 2. Well, new at the time. But it was worth every penny. It’s a nanny, cookbook, accountant and more. And just like a girl needs new shoes; she needed a new accessory too. Since I use it everyday for some sort of typing, I looked into keyboards.

Out of all the options out there I settled on one that was portable and easy to use. I don’t like complicated; my life has enough of that.

So I choose the Zaggfolio. They have since added a new similar product; the Zaggfolio is the least expensive of the two. The new model has a backlit keyboard with several different colors. But since I reserve the darkness for sleep and not work, it was something I could do without.

Easy to setup, connect via Bluetooth and use; the Zaggfolio is my favorite accessory. It comes in both white and black (possibly more. Just check out Zagg’s website for more options).

The only con I find is its weight and bulkiness. I take my iPad everywhere, but typically I’ve had to take it out of its docking in the Zaggfolio to eliminate the weight in my purse/diaper bag. It also stops my spawn from creating their own master pieces on my iPad.


A Date With Three Toilets

Awesome cleaning product that gets rid of hard water rings and doesn't scratch the Toliet bowl n

Awesome cleaning product that gets rid of hard water rings and doesn’t scratch the toilet bowl.

I hate cleaning.  Loathe is a better description. I have three kids and cleaning never stops; especially when my husband is gone at work. My husband has been on a extended work assignment this past year; leaving me stranded away from family and easily obtainable common items such as my favorite toasted ravioli, craft and cleaning supplies. So when a local resident told me about this product after she ran screaming from my bathroom, I asked her to pick one up for me. Two kids busy watching a movie and SB crawling feverishly after me around the house on a Friday night I figured I had a date with some dirty toilets. I pulled on some gloves and between pulling the baby off the nasty toilet, I managed to scrub a little. I looked down and BAM! It was freaking clean. I barely broke a sweat under my powder/latex free gloves. I ignored the hungry baby in my haste to clean all three toilets (don’t judge) and was done in about 15 minutes.