Foodie Friday: Easy Pleasy Micorwave Eggs


If you haven’t read it enough, my children are super picky eaters. And of course they can all be picky about the same things. One only eats cheese, one only eats pepperoni, and one only eats the cheese pizza after she picks off the pepperoni and it’s it first. The differences could run all the way around the world; twice. But they do share one common similarity between them and Hubs. Diva, Bug and Hubs hate eggs. SB and I love them.

One morning I made myself scrabbled eggs. Added in a bunch of goodies and sat down to eat. Then the vulture attacked. She ate all my eggs, with all my goodies. So I decided to make her some. Finally! Someone has my tastes! So I “slaved” over a hot stove and made her scrabble eggs loaded with goodies. Served them up and she just stared at them. Refused to eat them and broke my fragile little momma heart. Feeling defeated, I gobbled down the second batch. So sad, I know.

The she started crying. Why for young toe-head of mine? You refused the best eggs ever and I was forced to eat them. Sign. They were so good!

So I decided to try an experiment. I made the eggs again. This time the easy way. And the little stinker ate them.

Here’s what I did. Hold on, because it might get confusing

First I cracked an egg into a microwaveable coffee mug (you can use any microwave save dish).

Then I whisked them in the same cup with a fork.

Next, microwave for 45-50 seconds. Each microwave varies. You just don’t want to blow up your egg or serve it raw.

And complete! Lastly, I just dump it into a bowl for the kid and cut it up.

Tip{py} Tuesday…DIY Token boards!

So in total there are about 10 different therapists that work with my kiddos. We have found token boards to be so rewarding for both of them and with all the token board apps that can be downloaded to phones, iPads, etc., they are also super portable and convenient. However, not all the therapists have the same token board apps, and sometimes they are using their iPad and need a different type of token board. I came across this DIY token board on Pinterest, and since dinos are both of my boys favorite I decided to make one for each of them. That way they can use it wherever we go, if they need it. Plus it shows them another way to do the same job, always good so they don’t get stuck on always using the same things all the time.

I started with an empty pull-up box. I always have these lying around :)

I cut out two of the sides that didn’t have a seam to make the two dinosaur outlines for my boards.

I was ready to freehand my first dino and then trace the outline with a green marker. I had decided to paint them green and thought I could just cover the outline with the paint.


There’s my freehand dino pencil outline. You can see it if you look close!

Now it was time to cut them out.

I used that dino cutout as a stencil to make the second one and followed the same steps.


Now it was time to paint both cutouts. I went with green.


While they were drying I put a couple coats of the same green on the clothespins. I did seven for each one, but they may not always use all of them. I figured that would be up to the therapist and I would just give them plenty to work with.

The cutouts were dry and now it was time to add some fun details.



Then I decided to number the clothespins.

Here’s everything drying…

…and here is the finished product!

I love ‘em! Do you have any DIY projects for token boards? Have a great day! :)

Mommy Monday Moments: Say A Little Prayer for Me: Sisters Sharing a Room


Listening to the baby monitor click and fizzle, yet silent. Watching Antiques Roadshow and hand embroidering some burp cloths. That is what is consisting of my Monday night. It’s peaceful and relaxing. A complete 180 from Saturday night when we did the “big move”.

That night there were tears and sobs and my husband forcing me to watch a chick flick (his answer to calm me). Saturday night was the night, that not only did we move the baby from crib to big girl bed; we moved her from her own room to share a room with her sister.

Some might think that’s backwards. They may believe that you start sharing your room with your sibling, then graduate to your own room. So now we have a spare room. Which is awesome! And I want to move my craft room from the closet to it; but what’s the purpose? It is all going to be packed into boxes in the next week or so.

Which brings me to why we did it. Why did we force our youngest into the private life of Diva? Necessity. Upon moving back to the mainland, we will be living with family. In that situation all three will be sharing a room; possibly even a bed. We won’t have a crib or pack and play. SB, I’m not wanting to admit, is growing up. She will eventually be in a twin bed. So we are taking this time to get her and Diva accustomed to sharing a room.

Do I like it? No. Like I said I sobbed. It was horrible.

Three days later am I better? No, I’m drowning my sobs in a beer. Maybe in a few years I’ll finally get over the fact my children are growing up.

Foodie Friday…Easy Sausage Dinner

A few weeks ago I talked about a cool website when discussing spring cleaning ideas.  Another great thing I found on that site was all the great recipes!  Here is one we had recently that was so easy and my husband kept saying over and over how good it was.  I’m pretty sure he had thirds that night :)  Have a great weekend!


We used egg noodles like…


and it was delish!!!!  The italian sausage brand I usually buy is…


A light dusting of mozzarella cheese on top?  YUM!  Enjoy!  What are your favorite crockpot or italian sausage recipes?